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Pre-health Professions Certificate Pre-health Professions Certificate


To be eligible to apply to a Health Professions School, you must complete a number of prerequisite courses. Programs like the Pre-Health Professions Studies program are set up to assist students with prerequisites and preparation for a successful application to a professional school. The Postbaccalaureate Program at California State University, Fullerton has dedicated itself to a cohort structure. This structure allows a student to complete classes with his/her peers, giving support to one another. The pace and rigor of the program mimics the structure of a Health Professional School, which in turn makes an individual a more favorable candidate. Classes are guaranteed for all participants in the Pre-Health program and research opportunities are facilitated. Another advantage is the linkages with professional schools that are in place. Linkages eliminate the gap year that is in place after the prerequisites are completed and the need to go through the lengthy process of applying to schools.

Cost: This is a big drawback. However, California State University, Fullerton’s Pre-Health Professions Postbaccalaureate Program has the lowest cost amongst institutions in California (currently, $450 per unit).

Time: This can be a positive and negative aspect. Since the 47 units are completed in such a short period of time, this leaves very little time for other activities, such as holding a job. On the other hand, due to the intense pace of the class schedule, students are able to apply to a Health Profession Program earlier, start school sooner and graduate in a timely manner without incurring additional expenses.

Since 2004 we have had 125 students complete the program and 99 of those students have been accepted to professional schools, including allopathic, osteopathic, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary, PA, and optometry.

This is not designed as an academic remediation program. It is for students who are non-science majors.

If you're transferring from a College/University with a quarter system, you must convert your grades to the semester system equivalence: quarter units x .667= semester units Quarter units are converted to semester units by multiplying the quarter units by .667. The resulting figure is not rounded. Only the first two digits to the right of the decimal point are used. Example: 25 quarter units x .667 = 16.675 semester units = 16.67 semester units NOT 16.68 or 17.0. For more information, visit: http://webcert.fullerton.edu/aac/AACTool/quartsemconversion.asp

Lower cost, quality of instruction, guaranteed classes and linkage agreements.

There are a maximum of 24 slots available per year in the program. The ratio of admittance will depend on the number of applicants for these slots.

Currently, our program costs $450 per unit. However, this fee is subject to change.

Typically it takes 5 semesters. Any increase in length would have to be approved by the Academic Advisor and the Program Manager.

Fall 2017 applications will be accepted beginning January 3 and accepted through April 28. Due to the rolling admissions process, we would strongly advise interested applicants to complete their application as soon as possible. Please note that we only admit students in the fall term.

Yes, there is two courses that need to be taken before entering the program. An Introductory Chemistry course to be taken with a minimum grade of a “B” or above. If this class is taken at CSUF, Chem 115 fulfills this prerequisite. This course can also be taken at a community college (you can check if it is equivalent by going onto www.assist.org). The Introductory Chemistry course must be completed by June 12, 2017.

Completion of a Pre-Calculus course (equivalent to CSUF's MATH 125 or MATH 130) with a minimum grade of "B" or higher and mustbe completed by June 12, 2017. Any Introductory Biology class is also highly recommended.

Please visit assist.org or contact the Mathematics department at mathoffice@fullerton.edu ).

For those students who are applying to our program while still taking an introductory course, the course needs to be completed by June 12, 2017. An unofficial transcript must be submitted upon completion of the course.