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Pre-health Professions Certificate Pre-health Professions Certificate

Alumni Stories

Joshua Perese

Joshua Perse - Pre-health Programs | Cal State Fullerton

Joshua Perese helped launch Project LEAD, a group aiming to improve diabetes education among at-risk populations.

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Veronica Scott

Veronica Scott - Pre-health Programs | Cal State Fullerton

Even before she earned her bachelor’s degree in business economics, Veronica Scott knew what she wanted would not involve business lunches, a briefcase or spreadsheets.

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Evan Chang

Evan Chang - Pre-health Programs | Cal State Fullerton

Program graduate Evan Chang discusses switching careers, choosing dentistry, and getting into one of the top dental schools in the country—and how you can, too.

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Justin Haghverdian

Justin Haghverdian - Pre-health Programs | Cal State Fullerton

Justin Haghverdian had never traveled outside North America until his mentor, Dr. Steve Mora, invited him on a medical mission to Peru.

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Elizabeth Shuman

Elizabeth Shuman - Pre-health Programs | Cal State Fullerton

Singing and practicing medicine require different skill sets, but for Elizabeth Shuman, a bachelor’s degree in music was the perfect foundation for UEE’s intensive Pre-Health Professions Postbaccalaureate Program.

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T.J. Buretta

Thomas Joseph Buretta - Pre-health Programs | Cal State Fullerton

Thomas Joseph (T.J.) Buretta doesn’t volunteer because it will make him a good doctor or a better person—though both are probably true. He volunteers because it’s so much fun.

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Carmen Cancino

Carmen Cancino - Pre-health Programs| Cal State Fullerton

Though earning a medical degree isn’t easy for anyone, Carmen Cancino’s path was especially rocky. But bumps in the road never discouraged her; they just made her a better doctor.

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Qianna Liu

Qianna Liu - Pre-health Programs | Cal State Fullerton

Qianna Liu plans to graduate medical school in 2016 and will pursue a career in family practice or pediatrics. She is committed to providing primary care to underserved communities.

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Lauren Park

Lauren Park - Pre-health Programs | Cal State Fullerton

Following graduation from veterinary school, Park hopes to work with small animals. “I’ve always loved pets and being around animals. This is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

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