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While a data scientist does not need to be an expert in every industry, it is expected that a data scientist has a solid understanding of the languages of multiple scientific and mathematical disciplines. He/she also needs to understand the roles these factors play in analytic initiatives. Part I of the Foundational Data Science class provides a solid understanding of data science by presenting various concepts, methodologies, and competencies that a data scientist must possess in order to be successful. In addition, it is a boot-camp style course covering all the foundational statistics and mathematical concepts that a successful data scientist needs to master. The course also provides an opportunity for students to evaluate their proficiency in these important areas and close-the-gap in any deficiencies before utilizing these concepts in application.

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E193-21489 02/04/19-03/10/19 Online Online-Variable $620.00
Instructor: Potcner
Unit(s): 2.1
Course part of: Data Science Certificate
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