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"Career criminals" or "serious habitual offenders" choose a life of crime. These habitual criminals are responsible for an inordinately high percentage of crime. This class focuses on the typology of crime, patterns and motives of crime, profiles, and the psychological make-up of those who engage in illegal activities. You will be exposed to the inner-workings of the criminal mind, the motivating factors that lead people to commit criminal acts, and the methods these criminals use to plan and execute crimes.

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E183-21492 SuSat 04/07/18-04/08/18 9:00am-3:30pm EC 127 $350.00 Add to Cart
Instructor: Davis
Unit(s): 1.2

Required - 1. Profiling Violent Crimes, 4th edition (ISBN 9781412959988); 2. Course pack-(ISBN 9780744241167), purchase from Titan Shops. Available at