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Masters Degree Program

  • Bachelor's Degree (or equivalent) from a regionally accredited institution
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 for the undergraduate degree
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 for four prerequisite courses (see details below) in behavioral science (or equivalents): counseling theory, research methods or statistics, abnormal psychology and human development
  • At least two of the four prerequisite courses must be completed at the time of entrance; any remaining prerequisite(s) must be completed during the first semester of enrollment
  • Three letters of recommendation; these letters should address the author's assessment of your suitability for pursuing graduate studies and entering the counseling profession. At least one letter must be academic (i.e., written by a professor or instructor). The Department understands that for some applicants, contacting former instructors is not feasible; in these situations, professional references, written by supervisors or managers who are familiar with your work, are also appropriate.
  • An interview with Department faculty
  • The GRE is not required
  • A detailed personal statement (approximately 3,000 words) should inform the faculty about the applicant's (This statement is very important because it enables the faculty to make informed decisions regarding admission):
    • Educational Background
    • Personal biography and its relevance to your goal of becoming a counselor
    • Strengths and weaknesses
    • Understanding of the counseling profession, and motivation and suitability for entering it
    • Long-term professional goals


Prerequisites may be taken at California State University Fullerton, or at any accredited graduate, undergraduate or community/junior college. Several different course titles may meet the content areas we require. In some cases, a combination of several courses may be deemed equivalent to a single prerequisite course. It is the student's responsibility to provide relevant information (e.g. syllabi, course descriptions, and assignments) when requested.

  • Counseling Theory/Psychology of Personality/History of Psychology. COUNS 380; PSYC 331, 431 or 408; or equivalent
  • Research Methods or Statistics CAS 301; HUSR 315; PSYC 201 or 202; SOCI 302 or 303; or equivalent
  • Abnormal Psychology or Psychopathology PSYC 341; SOCI 466; or equivalent
  • Human Development or Developmental Psychology CAS 312, 315 or CAS 325A and 325B; PSYC 361; or equivalent