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The certificate in C++ Programming Essentials is an online program that provides hands-on instruction in the C++ programming language. The courses are instructor-led discussions that are enhanced by individual and collaborative programming assignments. This is a very fast-paced program structured for quick learning. Students should expect to do a significant amount of coding.

Completion of this comprehensive certificate program will show a mastery of C++ programming skills: emphasizing the important, practical points and an understanding of the common issues. Most importantly, graduates will have a portfolio of completed projects that will demonstrate a proficiency of programming skills that are ready to be applied to the workplace.

The certificate in C++ Programming Essentials consists of two required courses totaling 54 hours of lectures, lab demonstrations, discussions, coding assignments and projects. A certificate in C++ Programming Essentials and 5.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be awarded to those completing the program.

Non-California Residents
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Course Title
Winter / Spring 2015
Schedule #
Days Date Time Location Instructor
09/29/14-02/16/15 Online Online-Variable Calhoon

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Upon completion of the certificate program, graduates will be able to:
- Understand the scope and significance of the C++ programming language
- Write simple structured programs to solve problems
- Define and utilize built-in data types and create simple abstract data types
- Develop object-based programs using classes as well as be familiar with the standard library and its usage
- Be comfortable editing, compiling, and linking C++ (console) programs with at least two different compilers
- Display a portfolio of C++ code samples and programming assignments

- Those who need to program in C++
- Software engineers/developers who work with C/C++ legacy systems
- Software engineers/developers looking to enter the defense industry
- Mechanical engineers working with C++ embedded design

Prior programming experience in a higher-order programming language is a prerequisite for admittance to this program. Additionally, in order to complete programming assignments, it is required that students have access to their own C++ compiler that supports ISO/ANSI standard exception handling, templates, RTTI (Run-Time Type Identification) and STL (Standard Template Library).

Thomas L Bettens
Technical Director Software Systems, Raytheon
Tom Calhoon
Senior Systems Administrator, Orange County Health Care Agency
Tsu-Cheng David Chiao
Senior Information Technology Consultant, Eglin Air Force Base
Carol Creighton
Associate Dean, University Extended Education, Cal State Fullerton
David R Falconer
Professor, Department of Computer Sciences, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Cal State Fullerton
Larry Gustafson
Principle Software Engineer, Raytheon
Pat Lussier
Program Manager, University Extended Education, Cal State Fullerton
Michael Newby
Professor, Department of Information Systems & Decision Sciences, Mihaylo College of Business & Economics, Cal State Fullerton
Harry L Norman
Associate Vice President, International Programs; Dean, University Extended Education, Cal State Fullerton
Yi Zhang
Professor, Department of Information Systems & Decision Sciences, Mihaylo College of Business & Economics, Cal State Fullerton
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Learn the basics of C++ programming in two online, fast paced courses.

Mimi Lawson

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