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The certificate in Java Development provides an opportunity to develop skills that are in demand in a variety of service and manufacturing industries.

The certificate in Java Development is a hands-on instructor-led program that is designed to give application developers effective, real-world skills. It is especially appropriate for students who want to enhance their developer skills with cutting edge technologies to improve their career potential and opportunities for salary increases, as well as job role changes and promotions. Job opportunities such as Java Software Developer, Java Script Developer, Java Coder and Java Scripter need a firm foundation in Java programming skills.

These courses will enable you to engage in rapid development of Java applications and web services. You will learn to design, implement, deploy, and maintain secure web services and web service clients using Java technology components and platform.

These courses are offered real-time remote (CA time) via web conferencing.

The certificate in Java Development consists of two required courses totaling 72 hours of lectures, lab demonstrations, discussions, coding assignments and projects. A certificate and 7.2 Continuing Education Units will be awarded to those completing the program.

Non-California Residents
Due to state and federal regulations, non-California residents may only enroll in CSUF online courses when their state has authorized CSUF as a provider. Click here for more information.

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Winter / Spring 2015

No sections available. View the course description.

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Schedule #
Days Date Time Location Instructor
M 01/05/15-04/06/15 6:00pm-9:00pm Adobe Connect Shahindoust
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Graduates of the Certificate in Java Development will be able to:
- Program in Java
- Understand the Java architecture, syntax, interface, packages and complier
- Work with Java Development ToolKit, object-orientated designs and GUI development
- Demonstrate skills in UML, JavaBeans and EJBs
- Understand and work with JDBC, Servlets and other move advanced Java techniques
- Write real-life Java applications

The Certificate in Java Development is designed for students who:
- Want to develop Java applications
- Have programming experience in languages other than Java
- Want to improve their career potential and improve opportunities for salary increases
- Want to prepare for job changes and promotions

Previous programming experience and familiarity with Object-Orientated analysis and design.

Tsu-Cheng David Chiao
Network Communications, The Boeing Company/ISDS
Carol Creighton
Associate Dean, University Extended Education, Cal State Fullerton
Amir Dabirian
Chief Information Technology Officer, Cal State Fullerton
David R Falconer
Associate Professor, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Cal State Fullerton
Alicia Fan
Program Developer University Extended Education California State University, Fullerton
Kari A Knutson Miller
Interim AVP, International Programs; Interim Dean, University Extended Education California State University, Fullerton
Rudy Lauterbach
MS., Consultant/Instructor
Pat Lussier
Program Manager, University Extended Education, Cal State Fullerton
Thomas J Sanford
Systems Architect, Warner Bros. World Wide Television/New Media
Amir Shahindoust
Advanced Engineering Manager, Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.
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Get hands-on training to become a Java Software Developer, Java Script Developer, Java Coder or Java Scripter

Mimi Lawson

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