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Perl is a stable, cross-platform programming language that is popular for writing everything from system utilities and administration, web programming, application development and especially text processing. Perl combines the power and ease of use of a number of popular UNIX tools, including sed, awk and the C programming language. Perl's interface allows integration with third-party databases such as Oracle, Sybase, MySQL and others.

In these hands-on programming courses, you will learn about the Perl scripting language, using associative arrays, network communication and database integration. Advanced topics such as the object-oriented nature of Perl, integrating other tools in Perl scripts and writing functions are also covered.

These courses are offered real-time remote (CA time) via web conferencing.

The certificate in Perl Programming consists of two required courses totaling 48 hours of lectures, lab demonstrations, discussions, coding assignments and projects. A certificate in Perl Programming and 4.8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be awarded to those completing the program.

Non-California Residents
Due to state and federal regulations, non-California residents may only enroll in CSUF online courses when their state has authorized CSUF as a provider. Click here for more information.

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Winter / Spring 2015
Winter / Spring 2016

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Graduates of the certificate program will:
- Have a working knowledge of Perl programming
- Be able to program effectively and efficiently in Perl
- Use Perl scripting language on different platforms
- Be able to collect information, search for strings, and produce complex reports
- Integrate other tools in Perl scripts and write CGI scripts
- Be ready to be a productive member of an application development team

- Application developers
- Programmers
- Software developers
- IT managers and directors
- Individuals seeking to be engineers
- Systems analysts
- Business analysts

Students beginning the Certificate in Perl Programming are not required to have programming experience, but experience with Windows, UNIX or Linux is expected. Experience with C programming language or any of the UNIX shell languages will also be helpful.

Ralph Barke
Software Engineer, Raytheon Systems Company
Tom Calhoon
Systems Consultant/Project Manager, ACS Solutions
James Conniff
Software Engineer, Boeing
Carol Creighton
Associate Dean, University Extended Education, Cal State Fullerton
Chris Eyre
Senior Software Engineer, Quest Software
David R Falconer
Associate Professor, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Cal State Fullerton
Kevin Haw
Software Lead, Rockwell-Collins
Pat Lussier
Program Manager, University Extended Education, Cal State Fullerton
Harry L Norman
Associate Vice President, International Programs; Dean, University Extended Education, Cal State Fullerton
Richard L Paul, Jr.
Territory Sales Manager, Data Systems Worldwide, Inc.
John Weng
Systems Engineer, Electronic Data Systems
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Gain a working knowledge of Perl and become a productive member of an application development team.

Mimi Lawson

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