Corporate Programs

Find new solutions to the challenges facing your organization

Our Corporate and Community Programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. With the support of College of Business and Economics faculty and industry experts, these programs deliver innovative and relevant concepts that empower employees to improve work practices and discover creative solutions. By partnering with the College of Business and Economics and Extension & International Programs, you will be able to:

  • Analyze pressing industry challenges and specific company needs.
  • Develop a specialized training and developmental program that provides employees with the competitive skill sets needed to succeed in today's challenging business environment.
  • Engage in new courses of action that transform business practices and directly impact your company’s effectiveness.

Corporate and Community Program benefits

Instructors: Classes taught by experienced industry leaders
applied learning: learn through doing
new ideas insights you can put right to work
Networking: Join or reconnect with colleagues and CSUF alumns

Program delivery

To offer employees easy access to innovative and relevant content, our programs can be delivered online.

Sessions are led by interdisciplinary teams of College of Business and Economics faculty and industry experts who employ a diverse set of interactive learning methods.

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