New Students / Freshmen

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New Students: Freshmen

Congratulations on your admission to California State University, Fullerton! This checklist is for new international freshmen who will begin their first semester at the University. Bookmark this page and visit often to successfully prepare for your first semester at CSUF.

Pre-Semester Start Checklist

Please complete all items before the start of your first semester at CSUF. Many items will have to be completed well before the semester starts, so please read the entire list and prepare early.

Form I-20 Issuance for Spring 2021 Admitted Students

To be issued a CSUF Form I-20, you must accept your CSUF admission offer, submit the New Student Questionnaire and meet the required criteria listed below, following steps 1 and 2. 

  • New students who have never had an "Active" SEVIS record (Form I-20) and are outside the U.S. will be issued a Form I-20 only if enrolled in at least one in-person or hybrid course in the Spring 2021 semester.
  • New students transferring their SEVIS record (Form I-20) to CSUF will be issued a Form I-20 if currently in the U.S., or if outside the U.S. and enrolled in at least one in-person or hybrid Spring 2021 course.
  • New students currently attending CSUF or on approved OPT or STEM OPT having graduated from CSUF will be issued a Form I-20. Please note that if you choose to enroll in fully online courses from outside the U.S. for the Spring 2021 semester, ISS may need to make changes to your Form I-20.


Step 1:  Submit the following documents to using these upload instructions: make sure to include your full name and Campus-wide Identification nuber (CWID) on all documents.
Please do not send your documents by email.  

  • Financial Affidavit of Support
  • Proof of funding (bank statement or sponsor letter)
    • Bank statements
      • Student's name and/or sponsor's  name must appear on bank documents and must match name(s) listed in Financial Affidavit.
      • It must be in English, or show available funds in US Dollars.
      • Name and address of bank must appear on document(s).
      • It must be dated within last year of submission.
      • Bank documents must show minimum amount required based on academic level and major, according to Estimate Cost for one year (see chart on Affidavit).
    • If sponsored by your home government, please ask sponsor to submit financial scholarship letter directly to ISS.
  • Copy of your passport


Step 2:  Transfer your SEVIS record to CSUF (if applicable)
Whether you will begin your CSUF studies while in the United States or while remaining outside the U.S., please notify the Designated School Official at your current school that you have been admitted to CSUF and request to transfer your SEVIS record to California State University, Fullerton, School Code: LOS214F00210000.

Deadline for Transfer of SEVIS Record:  You must transfer your SEVIS record before January 15, 2021 or before the end of your 60-day grace period, whichever date is earlier.


Reminder: New international students who will remain in the U.S. for Spring 2021 studies must complete the Virtual New Student Check-In and the Virtual New International Student Workshop (date/time to be announced) before the semester begins. Failure to complete these requirements could negatively impact your F-1 status. Please frequently check ISS website and your CSUF emails for updates.