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Private Investigation Certificate

Projected outlook for some certified Private Investigation experts:

33,000Number of Jobs, 2018

$50,090Median Pay per year, 2018

8%Job Growth, 2018-2028 (FYI - 5% is average)

*U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook – Private Detectives and Investigators

Earn your private investigation certificate in 4-5 months. The escalation in internet crime, identity theft, increased litigation and security concerns has made private investigation an expanding field with increased demand.

Graduates of this certificate program will:

  • Understand the principles of private investigation.
  • Understand the criminal-justice process.
  • Examine the facts of a crime, gather evidence and develop witness statements.
  • Conduct investigations in specialized areas.
  • Perform case studies.

Ideal for:

  • Anyone interested in private investigation.
  • Insurance claims adjusters, fraud investigators and examiners.
  • Legal, corporate, financial or retail/loss prevention investigators.
  • Police officers and Special Investigations Unit investigators.
  • Licensed private investigators seeking formal training.

Program Stats:

  • Five required courses (60 hours of lecture and discussion)
  • All classes on Saturdays
  • 4–5 months long
  • 6 continuing education units (CEUs)
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Course Title

Graduates of this certificate program will:
- Have legal knowledge and a professional understanding of the basic principles of investigation
- Understand the criminal justice process and how it relates to the private investigator
- Have studied the various practices and techniques utilized in conducting private investigations
- Be able to determine the facts surrounding a crime, examine a crime and properly gather evidence, develop witness statements through the interviewing process
- Have the necessary skills to conduct investigations in specialized areas such as insurance fraud, personal injury, surveillance, skip tracing and missing persons
- Be able to integrate and use the knowledge acquired to perform case studies
- Know how to create opportunities for employment through networking and other resources

- Anyone interested in P.I. training
- Loss prevention agents
- SIU-Investigators
- Claims adjusters
- Investigators-legal/corporate/financial/retail
- Police officers seeking P.I. training
- Licensed private investigators seeking formal training

Students with a minimum of three year's investigative experience may request to waive the "Introduction to the Profession of Private Investigation" class. Students interested in waiving this class need to submit a "Waiver Request" form (Fee $55 - nonrefundable). The waiver form is available on our Web site - http://www.extension.fullerton.edu/ProfessionalDevelopment. Click on the Current Students tab and go to the Forms page, or you may also call 657.278.2611 to obtain a form.

Herbert Clark Bermudez
M.S., President & Chief Claims Officer, The Bermudez Group, Inc.
James N Berry
Owner, James N. Berry & Associates
Robert Carpenter
President, Covert Voyeurs Investigations, Inc.
Gene Cella
Owner/ Director, Polygraphs Plus
Robert J Coventry
President & CEO, Starside Security & Investigation, Inc.
Skip Davidson
Owner & Manager, Davidson Investigation
Daniel Goldsmith
Private Investigator, Goldsmith Investigations
Richard C Hofmann
President, Microsearch
Michael Julian
CEO, National Business Investigations, Inc.
Kari A Knutson Miller
AVP, International Programs; Dean, University Extended Education California State University, Fullerton
Mark A McClain
Vice President, Krout And Schneider, Inc.
Denelle C Pankratz
Program Manager, University Extended Education, Cal State University, Fullerton
Nick P Savala
President & CEO, Employment Check, Inc.
Scott Stys
Owner, Sunset West Investigations
Steve Wynn
President, Wynn Investigations
John R Zitny
Senior Deputy Public Defender, Training Officer, County of Orange

Program Details

Location: Virtual Instruction
Length: 4-5 months
Cost: $1,760*
Next Start: Fall 2020

*Cost is approximate and subject to change

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