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Financial Life Presentation

Designing Your Financial Life

Frequently Asked Questions & General Disclaimer:

This unique workshop is designed to help you take control of your finances and make smart fiscal decisions, even if you have no experience in the finance industry. There is no registration fee/tuition for this two-part course (eight hours total curriculum).

So that we may provide a high standard of unbiased personal-finance education, before, during and after the course, the instructor will not allow:

  • Commercial or for-profit sponsors.
  • Solicitation of any kind, including asking for donations.
  • Pitching or selling financial or insurance products or services.
  • Sharing registration contact information.

Course Mission

To empower you and be a resource for you to learn objective and factual information about personal financial & retirement planning and how to make informed financial decisions.


All content of this course is for educational purposes only. No information presented should be considered a substitute for professional financial advice or for legal counsel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, but your attendance and participation are highly encouraged for both classes.
Yes, but be respectful of the class in progress.
The workshop covers nine topics:
  1. Values Drive Goal
  2. Know Your Returns & Risk
  3. Make Investing Sense
  4. Integrated/Holistic Planning
  5. Simplify Your Retirement
  6. Be Empowered
  7. Resourcefulness
  8. Financial Planning Concepts
  9. Application & Strategies
Each topic is presented with engaging multimedia presentations, class discussions and the interactive course workbook. You will have opportunities to ask questions, engage the instructor and openly share. The course is designed around the attendees, by providing an open and welcoming environment for everyone to learn and feel comfortable participating.
Take this workshop if you:
  • Want to improve your quality of life through financial planning.
  • Are nearing retirement.
  • Are retired.
Financial and retirement planning is for everyone and it is never too late to start, especially in today’s complex economy. Today, we are confronted with more complex financial options and financial products and services than ever before, as well as more market and government uncertainties. Having a financial plan that works for you is paramount.
This workshop is an educational workshop available to you at no cost. This course was not created to support or endorse financial advisors or to promote financial products and services.
Yes. After the first class, you are expected to prepare for the second class by completing your assignments, reviewing the material and preparing questions to share. All assignments are for personal enrichment to gain in-depth information beyond topics covered in class. This includes completing a Personal Values Assignment, Risk Profile, Personal Financial Index (PFI) — a comprehensive financial benchmark for individuals and families — and more.
There is no cost. Parking is free for Saturday classes. Do not park in any restricted or special permit parking areas.
No. You may bring water in a sealable container. Please clean up after yourself. The learning environment is a formal university classroom.
To continue to provide a high standard of unbiased personal-finance education, the instructor cannot share his/her business contact information during class instruction or offer it after class has concluded. The instructor must be asked directly during non-class instruction time for his/her contact information. Ask the instructor directly before class, during class breaks or after class. You may also contact the California State University, Fullerton Extension and International Programs (EIP) office at 657-278-2611.
Yes, but the instructor is under no obligation by the University to accept any requests. You may engage the instructor during classroom instruction. The instructor cannot solicit or promote any product or service.

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