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A study of the administration, evaluation, and interpretation of individual and group tests related to reading/language arts performance. Course includes in-depth analysis of a problem reader with a study of the effects of linguistic, social, physical, psychological, educational and cultural factors which may influence reading and test performance.


Literacy in the Academic Disciplines

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Schedule # Days Date Time Location Fee Application
E183-21248 01/22/18-05/18/18 Online Online-Variable $1296.00
Instructor: Lovett
Unit(s): 3.0

Required - 1. American Psychological Association (2009) Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.6th edition. American Psychological Association. ISBN 978-1-4338-05615. 2. Flippo, R. F., & Caverly, D.C. (Eds.) (2008) Handbook of College Reading and Study Strategy Research, 2nd edition. Taylor & Francis, 2008 ISBN 0805860010, 9780805860016. 3. Reading Assessment for Diagnostic-Prescriptive Teaching. 2nd edition (2003). Wadsworth Publishing, (9780534508296). Available at Note: There may be other texts and assessment tools for this class which will be given to you by the instructor once the class begins.