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Technology Programs

Technology Programs

The technology related programs offered through Cal State Fullerton Extended Education are designed to help you fill a specific niche within your company, learn the latest techniques and become better informed as to how technology can improve business processes.

Computer Forensics

  • Become an expert in the rapidly growing discipline of computer forensics
  • Acquire hands-on experience and learn to use the latest investigative technology
  • Develop the analytical skills needed to identify and analyze digital data
  • Learn to present your findings as evidence in legal proceedings

Cyber Security Analysis

  • Learn to write basic programs to automate processes
  • Discover the principles of the Deter, Detect, Respond, Remediate (DDRR) operating model
  • Use the tools and software of professionals in analyzing cyber-attacks, with a heavy focus on Wireshark, as well as the log-analysis tool Splunk

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • An integrated approach for spatial analysis, data management and mapping used for planning, analysis, forecasting and risk management.
  • GIS is used in many industries such as business development, marketing research, logistics, law enforcement and more
  • Provides opportunity for professionals with an IT, healthcare, or project management background to prepare for a new career
  • Adopt a shared language used by healthcare professionals and IT experts to analyze, design and implement IT systems to assist in the delivery of care
  • Be ready to identify critical decisions in the development of healthcare IT solutions

Project Management

  • Validate your project management knowledge and capability in a certificate offered in collaboration with the Project Management Institute – Orange County Chapter, Inc. (PMI)
  • Develop hands-on skills and create a project management portfolio to demonstrate your knowledge and capabilities
  • Learn how to apply your knowledge and interpersonal skills in the project management cycle

User Experience and Usability

  • Acquire valuable skills in user-centered design and usability used for developing web or mobile applications, personal computers, medical devices and other products
  • Learn how to implement user-centered design and usability to help your organization gain competitive advantages and increase profitability
  • Integrate experiences in technology and business to set a vision for design infrastructure
  • Learn a holistic approach to architectural development: software, infrastructure, data, user-experience and security

Other Technology Programs