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I Passed the CA Court Interpreter Exams

Evon Morgan
California Certified Court Interpreter, Freelance Interpreter

Evon Morgan is grateful she found the CSUF Legal Interpretation (Spanish/English) program and its "amazing group of committed instructors." Because of what she learned in this program, she has passed the California court interpreter exams, as well as the written federal exam and is preparing for the federal oral exam. "I could not have done it without my wonderful instructors," she says.

She recalls one instructor’s commitment and passion for the interpreting industry. "He was very insightful and was tuned to what each student needed to do to improve. He was great at explaining every detail of the material and went above and beyond to help us gain a clear understanding of the meaning and usage of words. And he pushed us to keep moving forward."

Morgan also appreciates how another instructor "was very kind and respectful and always gave us reference information to research, provided a clear explanation of the subject material, and shared her personal experiences in the industry."Another instructor "provided a lot of insightful information in areas we needed to familiarize ourselves with," Morgan says. "She encouraged us to always be improving and extending our language knowledge."

Morgan says the CSUF Legal Interpretation internship program with the Orange County Superior Court has provided an additional opportunity to grow her career. "First-hand experience with daily court activities has helped me become very comfortable in that environment. I also have a better understanding to the role of each party in the court," she says.

As Morgan continues to study for her federal oral interpreting exam, she is working on her website, ordering business cards and creating a business plan to do legal interpretation contract work. To assure her continued career growth, Morgan is also planning to take credit courses in Spanish, with the potential of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in this discipline.

Evon Morgan

Evon Morgan

"I could not have done it without my wonderful instructors," she says.

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