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Having the state certification most certainly helped when interviewing for crime and intelligence analyst positions

Karina Amaral
Certified Crime & Intelligence Analyst

“I always had a desire to work in law enforcement and since I enjoy working with computers and numbers, I knew that a career as a crime and intelligence analyst was perfect for me,” says Karina Amaral. To get the hands on training she needed, Karina enrolled in the UEE Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certificate program after earning a B.A. in Sociology, with a concentration in criminology and criminal justice.

“I think the computer and statistical courses were the most helpful part of the program,” Karina notes. “The instructors provided actual on-the-job training and gave the class tips on what to expect when working in a law enforcement agency.”

Volunteering with the Los Angeles Police Department’s West Valley Division Crime Analysis Detail (CAD) Unit gave Karina additional experience in applying forecasting, predictive analysis and other analytical skills. “The crime analysts at LAPD are very impressed with my work and wrote me a commendation letter,” Karina says. ‘And I have been offered an intelligence analyst position with the San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center. I am looking forward to working as a full-time intelligence analyst very soon.”

Karina says that receiving a certificate from the California Department of Justice designating her as a Certified Crime & Intelligence Analyst was another major benefit of the program. “Having the state certification most certainly helped when interviewing for crime and intelligence analyst positions. Many Law Enforcement Agencies in California require such a certification, which gave me a great advantage.”

Karina Amaral

Karina Amaral

"The instructors made it interesting. Most owned their own businesses or were HR advisors. They’re in the field, and teaching based on those experiences."

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