MS in Counseling

California State University, Fullerton

Program schedule


Our program helps you develop an identity and personal approach as a counselor. You will gain an understanding of advanced topics, including major counseling theories and assessment techniques, as well as the social, cultural and life factors that influence human behavior. The coursework also prepares you for LMFT and LPCC licensure.

Cal State Fullerton’s MS in Counseling program is also CACREP accredited, which allows you to work with Veteran Affairs and Tricare (military health plan) after graduating.

You will consult with an advisor to develop your own program of study, which will include a minimum of 63 units (21 courses) of approved coursework. The program’s cohort format guarantees your classes every semester as you follow a set schedule with the same students.

Please Note: The Ánimo Emphasis is not currently offered in the M.S. in Counseling Evening Cohort program.

Year/Term Course (Units)
Year 1: Spring COUN 500: The Counseling Profession (3)
COUN 511A: Pre-Practicum (3)
Year 1: Summer COUN 502: Career and Lifestyle Development (3)
COUN 523: Counseling and Culture (3)
Year 1: Fall COUN 518: Human Development and Functioning (3)
COUN 528: Groups: Process and Practice (3)
Year 2: Spring COUN 520: Modes of Individual Counseling (3)
COUN 527A: Systems of Family Counseling (3)
Year 2: Summer COUN 522A: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (3)
COUN 526: Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling (3)
Year 2: Fall COUN 524: Child and Adolescent Counseling (3)
COUN 562: Counseling Couples (3)
COUN 538: Crisis Intervention and Trauma Treatment (3)
Year 3: Spring COUN 530A: Practicum (3)
COUN 535: Addictions Counseling (3)
Year 3: Summer COUN 525: Psychopharmacology for Counselors (3)
COUN 590: Advanced Counseling Techniques (3)
Year 3: Fall COUN 584A: Advanced Practicum (3)
COUN 521: Research in Counseling (3)
Last Term: Spring COUN 560: Appraisal in Counseling (3)
COUN 597: Project (3)

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