Fully Employed MBA

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Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA) Current Student Center

The FEMBA Current Student Center provides new and returning students with the necessary resources to guide you through your program.

Before You Register
  1. Accept admission and pay enrollment administrative charge (new students only):

    Log in to your CSUF Student Portal Opens in new window , click on Titan Online, select Student Homepage, then click the Admissions tile and accept admission to the program. You will then be prompted to pay the $250 enrollment administrative charge (unless you qualify for an enrollment administrative charge deferral).
  2. Resolve any registration holds:

    Log in to the CSUF Student Portal Opens in new window , click on Titan Online, select Student Homepage and then check the Tasks tile. If there is a hold on your record, click on details to view instructions on how to remove the hold and which department to contact.
  3. Complete any To Do items:

    Log in to the CSUF Student Portal Opens in new window , click on Titan Online, select Student Homepage and then check the Tasks tile.
How to Register

To help you navigate the registration process through Titan Online, check out the tutorials below:

Registration Schedules

Class Schedule and Registration Deadlines for all cohorts

Spring Class Schedule

Summer Class Schedule

Fall Class Schedule

Program Schedules

This section provides a schedule of courses required for the program and the term in which you will enroll. Please contact your academic advisor if you have questions regarding your study plan.

Quick Register

If you have completed all pre-registration steps and have your course schedule numbers—detailed instructions and course information available above—please begin the registration process.

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Additional resources

Tuition: $2,475 per course

Fee payment for financial aid students:

All financial aid will be first applied to institutional charges such as tuition. Any remaining financial aid after institutional charges are paid will then be refunded to the student. Please contact EIP Student Services regarding refunds or making payments.

Fees paid by employer or company:

Extension and International Programs can bill your employer or company directly for course fees. To use this option, a purchase order or letter of sponsorship from the company must accompany your registration form. For more information on this process, contact EIP Student Services at EIPconnect@fullerton.edu or 657-278-2611.

For information about how to apply for financial aid, disbursement dates and key deadlines, please visit the CSUF Financial Aid website .

For specific questions, send an email to financialaid@fullerton.edu.

The Titan Bookstore website offers the most accurate and up-to-date selection of textbooks for your courses. Go to Find Your Books and select the term, department, catalog number, and section/class number.

Please refer to your class schedule for drop and refund deadlines.

If you want to withdraw from a course:

  1. Notify an academic advisor.
  2. If you are receiving financial aid, notify the financial aid office by email financialaid@fullerton.edu.
  3. Complete a request for Late Withdrawal Process online by deadline date.

Contact us

Still have questions? Please contact our staff for the following assistance:

On campus resources

The following are helpful links for quick access to other campus resources: