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In this course, students will be introduced to design thinking, user experience, human-centered design, and the industry-standard vocabulary associated with these disciplines. Students will select a design challenge to explore as their main project for this program. Once their design challenge is identified, the Empathize stage of the design-thinking process will begin. This stage requires UX/UI Designers to set aside their own assumptions to design a true user-centered solution. Students will observe and engage with those in their direct audience by conducting user interviews and distributing a user research survey. Through these user research methods, students will gain an empathetic understanding for their user's experiences, motivations, pain points, and needs. 

Next, students will move to the Define stage where they will focus on analyzing and synthesizing the information gathered from the Empathize stage. Students will define their user's needs and write a problem statement that will drive the design of their main project. Finally, students will be introduced to some of the best ideation methods, such as group brainstorms, mind maps, and Crazy 8's. Students will also facilitate a group ideation session for their main project and encourage active participation from all members. Finally, students will conduct a competitive analysis to understand where their top digital product ideas can fit within the market. 

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