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The "global village" is here and with it, individuals are increasingly spending their time online, leaving behind traces of their identities, activities, and engagements on the web. Open source intelligence (OSINT) gathering and analysis is no longer optional for law enforcement; working in tandem with traditional law enforcement methods, it is often the most real-time source available for solving crimes, mitigating threats, and protecting the most vulnerable. This class begins with understanding the methodology and workflow of open source investigations and best practices to protect operational security. Students will be exposed to a variety of techniques encompassing multiple platforms conducive to online research including search engines, social media, public and corporate records, and the most unexpected places. Students will learn how to use pivot points to advance an investigation and will learn note taking, documentation, reporting, and presentation of the evidence uncovered. This class teaches students how to effectively combine traditional law enforcement resources with OSINT to ensure that no intelligence is left behind.

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Instructor: C. Talley

Unit(s): 3.20
No Class Meeting(s): 03/30/2024, 03/31/2024

Recommended- 1. OSINT Techniques: Resources for Uncovering Online Information, 10th Edition by Michael Bazzell (ISBN: 979-8366360401) 2. Deep Dive: Exploring the Real-World Value of Open Source Intelligence by Rae Baker (ISBN: 1119933242)