Sample Class List

The official Class Schedule will be available on Titan Online on March 2022. Course offerings may change based on a number of factors, so be sure to check the schedule often for the classes you want before and during the registration period. Check out the Sample Class List below.

ACCT 201A Financial Accounting
ACCT 201B Managerial Accounting
ACCT 301A Intermediate Accounting
ACCT 301B Intermediate Accounting
ACCT 302 Cost Accounting
ACCT 307 Accounting Info Systems
ACCT 308 Concepts Fed Income Tax
ACCT 401 Advanced Accounting
ACCT 402 Auditing
ACCT 415 Acct Ethics for Professionals
ACCT 460 Sem Finan Stmt Analysis
ACCT 495 Internship Experience
ACCT 577 Sem in Taxatn of Employee

AFAM 101 Intro to Ethnic Studies (D.1)
AFAM 103 Critical Race Theory
AFAM 311 Race and Relationships (D.4, Z)
AFAM 356 African American Music Apprec (C.3, Z)

AMST 101 Intro American Culture (D.1)
AMST 201 Intro to American Studies (D.2)
AMST 300 Intro to Amer Pop Culture (D.4)
AMST 301 American Character (D.4, Z)
AMST 320 Women in American Society (E, Z)
AMST 324 American Immigrant Cultures (C.3, Z)
AMST 395 California Cultures (D.4, Z)
AMST 401T Proseminar in Amst

ANTH 100 Non-Wstrn Cultrs & Wst Trad (C.2)
ANTH 101 Intro Biological Anthro (B.2)
ANTH 301 Primate Behavior (B.5)
ANTH 304 Trad Cultures of World (C.3, Z)
ANTH 305 Anthropology of Religion (C.3, Z)
ANTH 306 Culture and Art (C.3, Z)
ANTH 308 Culture and Aging (E, Z)
ANTH 311 Culture and Communication (C.3, Z)
ANTH 322 Human Behavioral Ecology (B.5)
ANTH 340 Peoples of Asia (D.4, Z)
ANTH 344 Sex, Evolution, Human Nature (B.5)
ANTH 481 Contemporary Anthropology

ASAM 300 Intro Asian Amer Studies (D.4, Z)
ASAM 308 Asian American Women (E, Z)
ASAM 320 Asian Pacific Am Cultural Stud (C.3, Z)
ASAM 325 Asian Amer Film & Video (C.3, Z)

ASTR 101 Introduction to Astronomy (B.1)


BIOL 101 Elements of Biology (B.2)
BIOL 252 Ecology
BIOL 301 Probs Environmental Biol
BIOL 303 Intermediate Cell Biology
BIOL 309 Int Molecular Biology
BIOL 329 Cell Biology Techniques
BIOL 411 Med Genetics/Systems Bio
BIOL 428 Biology of Cancer
BIOL 453 Life Science Concepts
BIOL 495 Biological Internship

BUAD 201 Business Writing
BUAD 301 Adv Business Communication
BUAD 591 Business Stratgy Capstone

CHEM 100 Survey of Chemistry (B.1)
CHEM 100L Survey of Chemistry Lab (B.3)
CHEM 120A General Chemistry (B.1, B.3)
CHEM 120B General Chemistry
CHEM 123 Chemistry Engineers
CHEM 125 Gen Chem B Lecture
CHEM 301A Organic Chemistry
CHEM 301B Organic Chemistry
CHEM 306A Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 421 Biological Chemistry

CHIC 101 Intro to Ethnic Studies (D.1)
CHIC 106 Intro to Chic Studies (D.1, Z)
CHIC 190 Am Hist Ethnic Minorities (D.2)
CHIC 305 Chicana/o Families (D.4, E, Z)
CHIC 313 La Chicana (D.4, Z)
CHIC 337 Contemporary Chicana/o Lit (C.3)
CHIC 367 Religion in Latino/a Life (C.3, Z)

CAS 101 Intro to Development
CAS 201 Child, Family, and Community
CAS 300 Elements of Eff Prof Comm
CAS 301 Inquiry Method in Develop
CAS 310 Assessment / Observation
CAS 312 Human Growth & Develop (E)
CAS 315 Child Development (E)
CAS 325A Conception Through Age 8
CAS 325B Age 9 Through Adolescence
CAS 330 Adolescence & Early Adult (E)
CAS 340 Parenting 21st Century (E)
CAS 360 Adolescents and the Media (E)
CAS 394 Pract Sem Child & Adolescent
CAS 490T Sr Sem Child/Adol Dev
CAS 494 Prac Sem Youth/Fam ComSet

CTVA 100 Intro to Cinema and Television
CTVA 300 Language of Film
CTVA 301 Critical Studies: Cinema
CTVA 302 Critical Studies: Television
CTVA 350 Story Structure
CTVA 351 TV Scriptwriting: Sitcom
CTVA 374 Contemporary World Cinema (C.3, Z)
CTVA 438 Feature Film: Production
CTVA 495 Mass Media Internship

EGCE 201 Statics
EGCE 301 Mechanics of Materials
EGCE 302 Dynamics
EGCE 308 Eng Analysis
EGCE 324L Soil Mechanics Laboratory
EGCE 325 Structural Analysis
EGCE 325L Structural Analysis Lab
EGCE 377 Civil Eng Materials Lab
EGCE 401 Egr Economics & Profnism
EGCE 428L Egrg Hydraulics Lab
EGCE 468 Construction Engineering
EGCE 581 Soil and GW Remediation
EGCE 582 Wastewater Treatment

COMM 233 Mass Comm Modern Society (D.1)
COMM 300 Visual Communication (C.3)
COMM 301 Writng for Broadcast & Flm
COMM 310 Mass Media Ethics
COMM 315 Mass Media and Diversity (D.4, Z)
COMM 317 Digital Foundations
COMM 351 Writing for Adv Industry
COMM 361 Prin of Public Relations
COMM 362 Public Relations Writing I
COMM 370 Prin & Hist Amer Mass Comm (D.4)
COMM 380 Interactive Media Design
COMM 407 Communications Law
COMM 410 Prin Communication Resrch
COMM 422 Comms Technologies
COMM 446 Entertainment and Society
COMM 455 Internet Ad & Promo Comm
COMM 469 Crisis Communications
COMM 474 Capstone - ADV/PR/ETC Student
COMM 495T Mass Media Internship
COMM 595 Graduate Internship

COMD 241 Introduction to Phonetics
COMD 300 Intro to Resrch Spch Comm
COMD 344 Anatmy & Phys of Spch & Hrg
COMD 350 Spech & Hearing Science
COMD 404 Comm Dev/Disord CLD Children
COMD 461 Audiology & Audiometry
COMD 476 Clinical Method & Procd
COMD 495 Comm Disorder Internship
COMD 548 Prac: Spch Lang Dis Child
COMD 558A Clinic Sp & Lang in Adult
COMD 558B Specialty Clinic
COMD 558C Clin Prac: Multicultural
COMD 559B Adv Cl Prac Comm Disorder

EGCP 565 Rapid Prototyping for Internet
EGCP 570 Intro to VLSI & Comp. Org.

CPSC 311 Tech Writing for Comp Sci
CPSC 313 The Computer Impact (B.5)
CPSC 315 Prof Ethics in Computing
CPSC 323 Compilers and Languages
CPSC 332 File Structure & Database
CPSC 335 Algorithm Engineering
CPSC 349 Web Front-End Engineering
CPSC 351 Operating System Concepts
CPSC 353 Intro to Computer Security
CPSC 362 Software Engineering
CPSC 375 Intro to Data Sci. & Big Data
CPSC 386 Intro to Game Design
CPSC 440 Comp Syst Architecture
CPSC 466 Software Process
CPSC 471 Computer Communications
CPSC 481 Artificial Intelligence
CPSC 548 Prof Issues/Software Eng
CPSC 589 Seminar Computer Science

COUN 522A Diagnosis Treatment Planning
COUN 522B Diag & Treatmt. for Ánimo Emph
COUN 524 Child and Adolescent Coun
COUN 526 Prof/Eth/Leg Issues/Coun
COUN 527B Systms of Family Couns Animo Emph
COUN 528 Groups Process & Practice
COUN 538 Crisis Intervention & Trauma
COUN 560 Appraisal in Counseling
COUN 590 Advanced Coun Techniques

CRJU 300 Foundations Criminal Justice (D.4)
CRJU 310A Crim Law-Substantive
CRJU 315 Policing
CRJU 330 Theories Crime & Delinquency
CRJU 340 CJ Research Methodology
CRJU 345 Corrections
CRJU 385 Minorities and Crime (D.4, Z)
CRJU 410 Restorative Justice
CRJU 474 Civil Liberties

DANC 101 Introduction to Dance (C.1)
DANC 301 Dance Cultural Diversity (C.3, Z)

ECON 201 Principles Microeconomics (D.1)
ECON 202 Principles Macroeconomics (D.1)
ECON 315 Intermed Bus Microecon
ECON 320 Intermediate Macroecon
ECON 333 Economic Development (D.4)
ECON 420 Money and Banking
ECON 440 Intro to Econometrics
ECON 441 Intro Mathematical Econ
ECON 495 Internship
ECON 598 Thesis Research

ENGL  101 Beginning College Writing (A.2)
ENGL 101P Preparatory College Writing
ENGL 212 British Lit from 1760 (C.2)
ENGL 301 Advanced College Writing
ENGL 305 Engl Language in America
ENGL 306 Intermed Creative Writing (C.3)

FIN 310 Personal Financial Manag (B.5)
FIN 320 Financial Management I
FIN 321 Financial Management II
FIN 331 Wrkng Cap Mgmt & Comp Appl
FIN 335 Fin Anal for Inv & Lndrs
FIN 340 Intro to Investments
FIN 341 Student  Investment Fund
FIN 360

Princ of Risk Mgmt & Insurance

FIN 370 Intern Business Finance
FIN 433 Probs In Business Finance
FIN 440 Business Valuation, M & A
FIN 444 Options and Futures
FIN 495 Internship
FIN 517 Managerial Finance

EGGN 495 Professional Practice

GEOG 110 Intro to Natural Environment (B.1)
GEOG 120 Global Environ Problems (E)
GEOG 328 Global Environmental Change (B.5)
GEOG 329 Cities and Nature (B.5)
GEOG 371 The National Parks (D.4)

GEOL 101 Introduction to Geology (B.1)
GEOL 101L Introduction to Geology Lab (B.3)
GEOL 310T Topics Calif-Related Geol (B.5)

HIST 110A World Civilization to 16c (C.2, C.3.F18, Z)
HIST 180 Survey of American Hist (D.2)
HIST 190 Am Hist Ethnic Minorities (D.2)
HIST 386A Amer Social History 1750-1860 (D.4)
HIST 395 World War I (D.4)
HIST 480B Amer Legal & Const Hist
HIST 498 History Internship
HIST 596 Graduate Internship

HCOM 100 Intro to Human Comm (A.1)
HCOM 300 Intro to Resrch Spch Comm
HCOM 305 Digital Media Literacy (E)
HCOM 307 Intro Critical/Cultural Comm
HCOM 308 Quantitative Resrch Meth (B.5)
HCOM 310 Sexual Communication
HCOM 320 Intercultural Comm (D.4, Z)
HCOM 425 Health Communication
HCOM 495 Internship in Comm Studies

HUSR 300 Character and Conflict (E)
HUSR 310 Case Management
HUSR 350 Leadership (E)
HUSR 380 Theories & Techniques Couns (D.4)
HUSR 385 Prog Design/Proposal Writing
HUSR 396 Practicum Seminar
HUSR 400 Ethical & Prof Issues
HUSR 470 Eval Human Serv Progs
HUSR 495 Field Work Seminar
HUSR 496 Internship Seminar

ISDS 309 Introduction to Programming
ISDS 351 Principles of Info Systems
ISDS 361A Business Analytics I (B.5)
ISDS 361B Business Analytics II
ISDS 402 Database Management Systems
ISDS 406 Systems Analysis and Design
ISDS 409 Business Telecomm
ISDS 415 Princpls Business Intelligence
ISDS 454 Sr. Proj: Info Sys Dev
ISDS 473 Applied Bus Forecasting
ISDS 474 Data Mining for Managers
ISDS 495 Internship
ISDS 513 Statistical Analysis
ISDS 552 Info Sys Design & Dev
ISDS 556 Data Ware Foundtn Bus Intell
ISDS 570 Business Data Transformation

KNES 202 Intro to Kinesiology
KNES 210 Human Anatomy & Physiolog
KNES 320 Exer Tech for Strength Trainng
KNES 342 Stress Management (E)
KNES 348 Physiology of Exercise
KNES 349 Meas/Statistics in Kinesiology
KNES 351 Princ of Strength & Cond
KNES 353 Phy Activity & Well-Being (E)
KNES 360 Movement Anatomy
KNES 361 Prin of Human Movement
KNES 371 Human Motor Control/Learn
KNES 380 Philosophy of Human Movement (C.3, Z)
KNES 381 History Sports/Games/Culture (D.4)
KNES 383 Psych Sport & Phys Actvty
KNES 386 Movement and the Child (E)
KNES 421 Clinical Anatomy
KNES 463 Biomechanics of Mus Injury
KNES 470 Nutrition for Exer and Perform
KNES 495 Internship in KNES
KNES 511 Evidence Based Practice in AT
KNES 565 Leadership and Admin in AT
KNES 566 AT Admin Clinical Experience
KNES 572 Prev & Mgmt of Emergencies
KNES 575 Clin Eval & Diag III: Head Spi
KNES 585 Emerg Mmgt Clinical Experience

LBST 100 Intro to the Humanities (C.2)
LBST 323 Cross-Cultural Humanities (C.3, Z)

LING 305 Engl Language in America

READ 290 Crit Reading, Thinking & Lit (A.3)

MGMT 246 Bus & Its Legal Environ
MGMT 339 Managing Operations
MGMT 340 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 343 Human Resource Management
MGMT 425 Quality Management
MGMT 440 Emerging Issues in Mgmt
MGMT 444 Project Management
MGMT 449 Seminar in Strategic Mgt
MGMT 495 Internship

MKTG 351 Principles of Marketing
MKTG 353 Marketing Info Technology
MKTG 370 Buyer Behavior
MKTG 379 Marketing Resrch Methods
MKTG 445 Global Marketing
MKTG 450 Visual Marketing
MKTG 489 Developing Mkt Strategies
MKTG 495 Internship
MKTG 519 Marketing Management

MSW 571 Soc Work Persptv on Dev Psych
MSW 573 Trauma-Focused SW Pract


MATH 105 Math Libl Arts Supplement
MATH 110 Mathematics for Liberal Arts S (B.4)
MATH 115 College Algebra (B.4)
MATH 115A College Algebra (B.4)
MATH 120 Elementary Statistics (B.4)
MATH 135 Business Calculus (B.4)
MATH 150A Calculus I (B.4)
MATH 150B Calculus II
MATH 250A Calculus III
MATH 250B Intro Lin Alg & Dif Equa
MATH 335 Mathematical Probability
MATH 338 Stat Appl to Natural Sci (B.5)
MATH 350 Advanced Calculus I
MATH 402 Logic & Geom for Sec Tchr
MATH 495 Internship Applied Math
MATH 497 Undergraduate Research
MATH 501B Scientific Computing App.
MATH 503A Mathematical Modeling
MATH 531T Adv Topics in Statistics
MATH 537 Multivariate Analysis
MATH 586 Studies in Discrete Math

EGME 304 Thermodynamics
EGME 476A Dynamic Sys & Contrls Lab
EGME 476B Energy & Power Laboratory
EGME 597 Graduate Projects

MLSC 101 Leadership & Personal Devlpmnt

CHIN 315 Intro Chinese Civ (C.3, Z)
TESL 470 Developing Language Tasks

MUS 307 History of Rock Music (C.3)
MUS 320 20th-C Techniques to 1945
MUS 355 Film Music (C.3)
MUS 462 World Music for Music Maj

NURS 305 Professional Nursing
NURS 310 Nurs Res/Evidence-Based Prac
NURS 340 Health Assessment
NURS 340L Health Assessment Lab
NURS 345 Pathophysiology
NURS 390 Critical Thinking in Nursing
NURS 402 Population Health Nursing (D.4)
NURS 402L Population Health Nursing Lab
NURS 406 Reproductive Health Nurs
NURS 406L Repro Health Nurs Lab
NURS 407 Child Health Nursing
NURS 407L Child Health Nursing Lab
NURS 408L Nursing Eternship
NURS 410 Lead/Mgmt in Prof Nursg
NURS 410L Lead/Mgmt Prof Nurs Lab
NURS 452 Leadership/Management
NURS 470 Art & Science of Nursing
NURS 507 Adv Dec Mak: Nurs Iss Sem
NURS 508 Adv Nurs Vulnerable Pop
NURS 512 Instr Design in Nursing Educ
NURS 579A Adv Nurse Midwifery Internship
NURS 579B Adv Women's Health Care Pract
NURS 610 Leadrshp Mgmt Econ Adv Nursg
NURS 620 Informatics in Healthcare
NURS 640 DNP Clinical Practicum
NURS 682 Anesthesia for Surgical Proced
NURS 683 Adv Physio for Nurs Anesthesia
NURS 684 Adv Pharm for Anesthesia II
NURS 685L Nurse Anesthesia Pract I
NURS 690 Adv Pathophys Anesthesia II
NURS 691L Nurse Anesthesia Pract IV
NURS 692 Prof Nurse Anes Role
NURS 693L Nurse Anesthesia Residency
NURS 694 Advanced Pharmacology III

PHIL 312 Bus/Professional Ethics (C.3)
PHIL 320 Contemporary Moral Issues (C.3, Z)

PHYS 211 Elementary Physics (B.1)
PHYS 211L Elem Physics Lab (B.3)
PHYS 212 Elementary Physics
PHYS 212L Elem Physics Lab
PHYS 225 Fundament Phys: Mechanics (B.1)
PHYS 225L Fundamental Physics Lab (B.3)
PHYS 226 Fund Phys, Elect & Magnetism
PHYS 226L Fundamental Physics Lab

POSC 100 American Government (D.3)
POSC 300 Contem Issue CA Govt & Pol (D.4)
POSC 340 Political Philosophy (C.3)
POSC 423 Diversity in Public Mgmt
POSC 456 National Security
POSC 474 Civil Liberties
POSC 525 Local Govt Mgmt

PSYC 101 Introductory Psychology (D.1)
PSYC 201 Intro to Statistics in Psych
PSYC 202 Research Meth in Psych
PSYC 300 Intermed Res Methods & Stats
PSYC 302 Learning and Memory
PSYC 302L Lab in Learning and Memory
PSYC 304 Comparative Animal Behav
PSYC 304L Lab in Comp Animal Behav
PSYC 305 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 305L Lab in Cognitive Psych
PSYC 311 Educational Psychology (D.4)
PSYC 312 Psych Human Sexual Behav (E)
PSYC 317 Psychology and Law
PSYC 331 Psychology of Personality (D.4)
PSYC 341 Abnormal Psychology (D.4)
PSYC 351 Social Psychology (D.4)
PSYC 361 Developmental Psychology (E)
PSYC 362 Psychology of Aging (E)
PSYC 371 Evolutionary Psychology
PSYC 391 Indus/Organiz Psychology
PSYC 432 Contemporary Theories
PSYC 456 Psyc of LGBTQ Experiences
PSYC 461 Psyc Testing & Assessmen
PSYC 474 Health Psychology
PSYC 495 Field Placement in Psych
PSYC 535 Addictions Counseling
PSYC 538 Crisis and Traumatic Stress

PUBH 101 Personal Health (E)
PUBH 320 Concepts in Public Health
PUBH 342 Stress Management (E)
PUBH 349 Meas/Stat in Health Science (B.5)
PUBH 350 Nutrition (E)
PUBH 353 Phy Activity & Well-Being (E)
PUBH 401 Epidemiology
PUBH 402 The U.S. Healthcare System
PUBH 411 Promo Hth in Diverse Pops
PUBH 415 Environmental Health
PUBH 416 Global Issues Environ Health
PUBH 455 Designing Health Ed Curr
PUBH 495 Internship Health Science
PUBH 524 Publi Health Admin
PUBH 595 MPH Student Internship

RLST 110 Religions of the World (C.2)

EDSC 304 Educational Tech for Sec Teach
EDSC 310 Tchng Experience Participation
EDSC 320 Adolescent Development (E)
EDSC 330 Developing Literacy Sec
EDSC 340 Sec Student Diversity
EDSC 410 Teaching English Learners
EDSC 446 Methods/Inquiry Bilingual Tchr
EDSC 506 Grd Stud Sec Sch Writing
EDSC 535 Survey of Ed Research
EDSC 541 Culture/Educ Latino Students
EDSC 542M Advanced Methods in FLM
EDSC 542S Adv Methods Teaching Science

SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology (D.1)
SOCI 302 Social Research Methods
SOCI 303 Stat for Social Sciences (B.5)
SOCI 325 The American Drug Scene (E)
SOCI 341 Social Interaction (E)
SOCI 351 Sociology of Families (D.4)
SOCI 354 Gender, Sex and Society (D.4)
SOCI 356 Social Inequality (D.4, Z)
SOCI 357 Race and Ethnic Relations (D.4, Z)
SOCI 366 Deviant Behavior
SOCI 371 Sociology of City Life (D.4)
SOCI 381 Sociology of Sexualities
SOCI 410 Theories of Soc Behavior

SPED 322 Intro Positive Behavr Support
SPED 371 Exceptional Individual
SPED 400 Early Childhood Sped
SPED 401 Introduction to Autism
SPED 421 Work Fam of Ind w/ Disab
SPED 425 Language and Culture
SPED 463 Char Indv Mild/Mod Disab
SPED 464 Char Indv Mod/Sever Disab
SPED 489C Dir Tchg SPED: Infant/Toddler
SPED 501 Intro to Graduate Studies
SPED 551 Bi SPED: Curr, As & Instr

THTR 100 Introduction to Theatre (C.1)
THTR 300 Theatre Cultural Divrsity (C.3, Z)
THTR 370A Fundamentals of Directing (C.3)
THTR 475C World Theatre

ART 101 Introduction to Art (C.1)
ART 106A Beginning Ceramics (C.1)
ART 217 Life Drawng for Animation
ART 300 Writing in Visual Arts
ART 315A Jewelry
ART 317A Life Studies, Drawing
ART 323A Graphic Design
ART 355A 3D Character Modeling
ART 363A Illustration
ART 363B Illustration
ART 373 Cartooning and Caricature
ART 380 Art & Child Development (C.3)
ART 480T Topics in Art History
ART 483C Sp St, Illustration
ART 483E Computer Assisted Graphic
ART 487E Special Studies in Entert
ART 495 Internship in Art
ART 503C Illustration

WGST 100 Intro to Gender Studies (C.2)
WGST 205 Gender and Globalization (E, Z)
WGST 302 Introduction Women's Studies (D.4, Z)
WGST 360 Politics of Sexuality (D.4, Z)

GE category are noted in () parenthesis. Class offerings are subject to change.
Updated 2/25/2021