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Today's manufacturing and business environments require continued investment in automation technology to ensure lower costs, higher quality and greater productivity. The industrial controls technology job market continues to be among the fastest growing for technical professionals. As a result, the salary for industrial controls professionals remains high compared to other career paths.

This technology is also one of the fastest changing, and today's industrial control system vendors are quick to implement the latest technologies in sensor design and network capabilities. For that reason, this certificate program is constantly revised to assure that an updated curriculum with current technology and methods.

About 50% of your class time involves hands-on experience on current industrial hardware and software. You will gain knowledge and practice in several key technical areas including:

  • Principles of tuning automatic control systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Data acquisition systems, HMI and SCADA
  • Programmable logic (PLC) and computer-based controllers
  • Practical applications of process and environmental controls
  • Discrete manufacturing and material handling systems
  • Plant networks

This program is an opportunity for professional and technical personnel to increase their competence, and position themselves to contribute to project teams tasked with implementing and modernizing automation/control systems. The certificate in Industrial Controls Technology is endorsed by the International Society of Automation (ISA), Orange County Section.

The course instructors are highly-qualified practitioners in the field, located here in Southern California. They have outstanding credentials and are members of, or have recommendations from ISA.

The certificate in Industrial Controls Technology consists of 132 hours of lecture and hands-on laboratory instruction. 13.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be awarded to the certificate graduate.

Non-California Residents
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Course Title
Winter / Spring 2015

No sections available. View the course description.

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No sections available. View the course description.

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Schedule #
Days Date Time Location Instructor
06/01/15-07/27/15 Online Online-Variable Lanz; Wegelin
Schedule #
Days Date Time Location Instructor
M 04/13/15-05/18/15 7:00pm-10:00pm GG 259 Bingham
Schedule #
Days Date Time Location Instructor
T 04/07/15-05/26/15 7:00pm-10:00pm GG 259 Harrison

No sections available. View the course description.

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Students beginning the Certificate in Industrial Controls Technology are required to have:
- Computer proficiency in a Windows environment
- Access to and ability to use the Internet to obtain class materials, and communicate with instructors
- A four-function calculator
- A basic understanding of algebra
In addition, some related industry experience is recommended.

Carol Creighton
Associate Dean, University Extended Education, Cal State Fullerton
Rod Garcia
Robert W Harrison
President, Conex Systems
Kari A Knutson Miller
Interim AVP, International Programs; Interim Dean, University Extended Education California State University, Fullerton
Denelle C Pankratz
Program Manager, University Extended Education, Cal State University, Fullerton
Robert J Pelegrin
Project Engineer, Process System Integration Company, Inc.
Victor Wegelin
President, PMA Concepts
John Soon Yoo
Equipment Specialist, California State University, Fullerton
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The certificate in Industrial Controls Technology is endorsed by the International Society of Automation (ISA), Orange County Section.

Megan Vigliotti

Program Info Sheet

"I look forward to attending more classes in the Industrial Controls Technology Certificate. What I learned in the Networks for Industrial Applications course definitely made a difference in my daily tasks. Now I’m able to troubleshoot complex issues and lend assistance to the IT professionals to resolve long term issues. The instructor did a great job!"
Marc Miranda, Master Electrician

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