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Crime and Intelligence Analysis

Looking for a challenging career in law enforcement? Crime and Intelligence Analysis is an emerging career that uses analysis, research and statistical methods to predict and prevent crime. Most analysts work in law enforcement agencies. The demand for crime and intelligence analysis is rising because of the United States’ focus on crime and terrorist activity.

The Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certificate provides specialized training in how to identify and define crime trends, problems and patterns, and to use your research and analysis to create tactics and strategies that lead to an effective police response.

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Graduates of the Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certificate receive five key benefits:

  • A certificate from the California Department of Justice designating you as a Certified Crime & Intelligence Analyst
  • A certificate from the Law Enforcement Intelligence Units demonstrating completion of this program
  • A Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certificate from Cal State Fullerton demonstrating completion of this program
  • "On-the-job training" through a 400-hour practicum/internship with a law enforcement agency
  • National certification that is recognized in other states

The Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certificate consists of eight required courses totaling 188 hours of lecture and discussion. All courses are held on the CSUF campus. 18.8 Continuing Education Units will be awarded to the certificate graduate.

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Course Title
Winter / Spring 2018

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Days Date Time Location
F 06/15/18-06/15/18 1:00pm-5:00pm CS 207
SuSat 06/16/18-06/30/18 8:00am-5:00pm CS 207
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Days Date Time Location
SuSat 04/21/18-04/22/18 9:00am-4:00pm EC 122
SuSat 04/28/18-04/29/18 9:00am-4:00pm EC 122
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Days Date Time Location
F 07/20/18-07/20/18 8:00am-5:00pm CS 207
SuSat 07/21/18-07/29/18 8:00am-5:00pm CS 207
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Days Date Time Location
01/18/18-05/25/18 Online Online-Variable

Certificate graduates will be able to:
- Collect data, subject it to statistical tests, develop and test hypotheses
- Write conclusions of findings in a manner which adheres to commonly accepted criminal justice research standards
- Conceptualize and convert raw data into valid criminal intelligence information
- Create association matrices and prepare telephone toll analysis, hierarchical analysis, visual investigation analysis, link analysis, and financial analysis
- Detect and understand the distinction between crime patterns, series and trends; demonstrate a familiarity with motives for crime and types of criminals
- Analyze data and determine when and where a criminal may strike again; develop crime/suspect and suspect/crime correlations; develop target profile analysis
- Articulate crime problems to individuals and groups through written reports, charts and graphs

- New employees in the crime and intelligence analysis field
- Those who work in crime and intelligence analysis units
- Law enforcement employees (both sworn and nonsworn) who need to know how to better use data and information
- Those desiring future employment as crime and intelligence analysts

Application for the Certificate

All certificate candidates need to complete the online application form and submit it along with transcripts and/or appropriate supporting documents to CSUF Extended Education prior to the start of the program. If specific supporting documents are pending, it is recommended that you submit your application first.

Certificate candidates are expected to complete all of the required courses in the program. However, students may choose to complete courses on an individual basis as well.

Certificate Requirements

To be eligible for the certificate, students must meet and document the following requirements on the application for the program:
- Completion of an Introduction to Criminal Justice and a Criminal Law class from an accredited program of study or a letter of verification of such working knowledge from an employer/instructor (students may complete these prerequisite classes while enrolled in initial certificate classes)
- Knowledge of basic computer applications and skills, such as word processing, spreadsheet documents, and data entry.

Students need to complete all the required certificate classes, including the 400-hour Practicum in Crime and Intelligence Analysis, to be eligible for the certificate. After completing all certificate requirements and classes, students need to complete a request for certificate form online at to initiate the processing for the certificate. Certificates are not processed without submission of this form.

CSUF Credit Classes That Meet Certificate Prerequisite Requirements

Students may enroll in the degree credit classes listed below, if needed, through Open University enrollment in Extended Education. Please consult the university's class schedule for information about the schedule and availability of these classes for the current semester. Open University registration forms are available through the Extended Education Registration Office.

Introduction to Criminal Justice CRJU 300 (3 Units)
A study of the underlying ideological issues confronting America's system of criminal justice, with an emphasis on key concepts in conflict (law and order, rehabilitation vs. retribution, etc.).

Criminal Law: Substantive CRJU 310A (3 Units)
The general doctrines of criminal liability in the United States and the classification of crimes against persons, property and the public welfare. The concept of governmental sanction of the conduct of the individual.

Waiving Certificate Classes
Students may waive no more than 40 hours total of CEU certificate classes to be eligible for the certificate. However, students who have completed the following credit classes through Cal State Fullerton's Department of Criminal Justice may waive the corresponding equivalent certificate classes, totaling a maximum of 76 hours:

CRJU 462 Crime Analysis (3 units) is equivalent to:
-Crime Analysis Data Analysis and
-Crime Analysis Applications

CRJU 450 Organized Crime and Intelligence Analysis (3 units) is equivalent to:
-Basic Elements of Criminal Intelligence and
-Criminal Intelligence Analysis

The CEUs for the waived classes cannot be reflected in the total CEUs earned for the certificate. Students interested in waiving this class need to submit a "Waiver Request" form (Fee $55 - nonrefundable). The waiver form is available on our Web site - Click on the Current Students tab and go to the Forms page, or you may also call 657.278.2611 to obtain a form.

Holly Carver
Crime Analyst, Costa Mesa Police Department
Christine L Gardiner
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Division of Politics, Administration and Justice, California State University, Fullerton
Wendy Harn
Assistant Director, Crime Analysis Program, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Paul Hower
Crime Analyst, La Habra Police Department
Kari A Knutson Miller
AVP, International Programs; Dean, University Extended Education California State University, Fullerton
Danielle M Martell
Crime Analyst Supervisor, Anaheim Police Department
Tamara Otley
Crime Analyst, Fullerton Police Department
Denelle C Pankratz
Program Manager, University Extended Education, Cal State University, Fullerton
Shelly Wang
Manager, Program Development, University Extended Education, California State University, Fullerton
Richard Weintraub
Training Administrator/Director, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Jason G Weiss
Laboratory Direction, Orange County Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory
Elizabeth J Yee
Crime Analyst, Westminster Police Department

Program Details

Location: Fullerton Campus
Length: 12-18 months
Cost: $3,800*
Next Start: Fall 2018

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* Cost is approximate and subject to change