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Open University is an enrollment option for students not currently admitted to CSUF.


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Open University: Access to Academic Credit Courses at Cal State Fullerton

What is Open University?

Open University (OU) at CSUF is an opportunity for non-admitted students to enroll as a guest in regular university schedule of courses with professor permission and space availability. You may request to enroll in courses at the undergraduate level (100-400) where you have read course descriptions and can acknowledge you meet the stated prerequisites (or equivalent) of those courses. Some academic departments may ask to see an unofficial transcript for approval. Graduate level courses (500’s) require additional consultation and approvals before starting the Request for Approval process. Please consult directly with the graduate advisor/program before requesting to add this type of course.


Who Does Open University Serve?

Students that need to
  • complete academic credit courses for professional reasons
  • complete prerequisites for a graduate degree or professional program
  • finish credits for degree completion
  • take a course to transfer to another university

Or, are students

  • experiencing academic disqualification from CSUF
  • planning to transfer to an undergraduate program at CSUF


Are you a returning CSUF student that previously attended Cal State Fullerton?  Visit Bring Back Titans for more information to facilitate your return.


Ready to Get Started?

Registration windows vary per semester/term. Please review Instructions to Enroll as well as the semester/term for additional specific dates and details.  The first step is to Update or Create your Student Record. This step is always first for each semester/term you enroll via OU.

*If you receive an error message when updating/creating your student record, try clearing the "cookies/cache" in your browser.


Application Fee N/A N/A
Spring 2023 Record Access opens December 15, 2022 Registration opens January 9, 2023
Summer 2023 Record Access opens February 7, 2023 Registration opens April 3, 2023
Fall 2023 Record Access opens March 13, 2023 Registration opens August 7, 2023
Winter 2024 Record Access opens October 2, 2023 Registration opens late October 2023
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Important Dates & Details

Use the links below to learn more about the important dates and details for each of the upcoming academic semesters/terms.

Winter Session 2024

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Dec 16, 2023 - Jan 12, 2024

Schedule viewable on September 18, 2023. Enrollment opens October 23, 2023. 

Explore Winter

Spring 2023 Semester

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Jan 21 - May 19, 2023

Schedule viewable on October 3, 2023. Enrollment period is   January 9 - February 6.

Request for Approval Explore Spring

Summer Session 2023

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May 30-August 4, 2023

Schedule viewable on March 6. Enrollment opens April 3, 2023.

Explore Summer

Fall 2023 Semester

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Aug 19 - Dec 15, 2023

Schedule viewableOpens in new window on March 13, 2023. Enrollment period is August 7 - September 5.

Explore Fall


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