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The Professional Office Administration Certificate promotes skills beyond general office administration that will help administrative professionals enhance their career goals and improve performance outcomes.

An increase in the sophisticated office technology and organizational restructuring has resulted in greater responsibilities for administrative professionals, including roles once reserved for managerial staff. In addition to general office administration, administrative professionals are expected to play an integral role in mastering new office technologies and business operational process in support of a highly effective workplace that meets both internal and external customer needs.

In response to these new responsibilities, there is also an increased demand for additional in-depth knowledge in topics that reinforce the skill sets required in business today. Therefore, as administrative functions become more technologically integrated into the work process, administrative professionals are expected to have more formal education in office administration. The Professional Office Administration Certificate meets that need.

The Professional Office Administration Certificate consists of six required courses totaling 54 hours of lecture and discussion. 5.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be awarded to the certificate graduate.

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Course Title
Winter / Spring 2015
Schedule #
Days Date Time Location Instructor
10/13/14-11/02/14 Online Online-Variable Fernandez, Jr.
Schedule #
Days Date Time Location Instructor
08/18/14-09/07/14 Online Online-Variable Leavy
Schedule #
Days Date Time Location Instructor
09/15/14-10/05/14 Online Online-Variable McDowell
Schedule #
Days Date Time Location Instructor
11/03/14-11/23/14 Online Online-Variable McDowell

No sections available. View the course description.

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Schedule #
Days Date Time Location Instructor
12/01/14-12/14/14 Online Online-Variable Passalacqua

Upon Certificate completion, graduates will be able to:
- Explain and identify the differences and similarities of internal and external customers
- Recognize how positive customer relationships benefit the organization
- Organize, process, and respond to electronic and paper communications to better facilitate the flow of information in the workplace
- Use effective business writing and verbal communications in completion of individual and team tasks
- Set effective goals for work completion
- Apply effective internet research techniques
- Plan successful meetings

This program provides excellent professional development for Office Administrators in the fields of:
- Education
- Healthcare
- Banking
- Legal services
- Manufacturing
- Construction
- Insurance
- Investments and Finance
- Real Estate
- Government
- Business Services

Students beginning the Certificate in Professional Office Administration are expected to have a high school degree or equivalent and basic keyboarding skills.

Shaul Ary
President, Alpha Systems
Rachel A. Askland
Executive Office Administrator, The Boeing Company
Jill Borel
Executive Secretary, Social Service Agency, County of Orange
Joan Burge
Founder and CEO, Office Dynamics, LTD
Sue A. Carpenter
Office Administrator, The Boeing Company
Carol Creighton
Associate Dean, University Extended Education, Cal State Fullerton
Mary Dover
Office Administrator, The Boeing Company
Ellen Dumond
Chair, Department of Management, California State University, Fullerton
Dorothy Heide
Associate Dean and Professor, Emeritus, California State University, Fullerton
Pat Lussier
Program Manager, University Extended Education, Cal State Fullerton
Judy Maitlen
Administration Manager (Retired), County of Orange
Harry L Norman
Associate Vice President, International Programs; Dean, University Extended Education, Cal State Fullerton
Jane Ransome
Superior Court Management (Retired), Superior Court of California, Santa Ana
Sally Starr
Director, Corporate Relations & Workforce Solutions, California State University, Fullerton
Sandi Wall
Office Administrator, The Boeing Company
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Gain a great overview of basic business skills in these six online courses.

Mimi Lawson

Program Info Sheet

"I was concerned about taking online courses, but that disappeared after I discovered that the Professional Office Administration instructors videotape themselves. It was nice to actually see and hear our instructors, even though the classes were online."
Diane K. Thomas, Administrative Assistant

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