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University Extended Education (UEE) provides information that may assist students to participate in a variety of student private loan programs. The lenders listed below are provided as guidance to borrowers only. You are not required to select a lender from this list. The choice of a lender and guarantor is a decision and responsibility you must make as the borrower. UEE does not endorse or have an affiliation with any of the organizations below. Please contact the lenders for further information about their private student loan programs.

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    • Loan Program– Private Student Loans
    • Telephone: 866.513.8445
    • Website: www.ufpsl.com


UEE Private Student Loan Guidelines

Arrangements for any student private loan must be made prior to registration in UEE classes. Full payment of class fee is due at the time of registration. Loan certification is not a guarantee, and terms and conditions must be accepted by UEE.


  • Apply for a Private loan with a lender of your choice. For your convenience, we have listed a few providers above.
  • Students will need to notify University Extended Education of their approved private loan. Please call the Extended Education Office at 657-278-2611.
  • University Extended Education will certify the student’s loan with the lender. Please note that University Extended Education is only able to certify the loan relating to the total estimated cost of the tuition.
  • Students will be allowed to enroll in their classes as long as the first 3 steps above are completed.
  • Lender will disburse the funds to the school and the school will post the funds to the student’s account.
  • Any overpayment from the loan will be disbursed to the student by check. Any unpaid balance after the loan funds are disbursed will be due immediately, to be paid by the student.