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Alumni Q&A: Accelerated Master’s in Software Engineering Program

Madhurima Gazula

Madhurima Gazula

AMSE alumni | Software Engineer, Extron Extronics, Anaheim

Why did you choose CSUF for your Master's in Software Engineering?

After completing my bachelor’s degree, I knew my next goal was to pursue a master’s degree in a field related to computer science. I wanted to explore more of the software engineering field and thus researched for courses that would help me focus on that aspect. The AMSE program at CSUF provided amazing coursework and resources to earn my degree sooner and get into the software field faster. I found out that the curriculum at CSUF had excellent alignment with the industry trends and that was what I needed to specialize and enter the industry. Plus, the courses were pre-designed to fit the whole program really well, covering all the major aspects of software engineering.

“Cal State Fullerton offers a combination of academic excellence, an accelerated program structure, industry connections, and experienced faculty that make it an ideal choice for earning my Accelerated Master's in Software Engineering.”

Why did you choose Cal State Fullerton for earning your Master’s in Software Engineering?

I chose Cal State Fullerton for earning my Accelerated Master's in Software Engineering for several reasons. Firstly, Cal State Fullerton has a strong reputation for its computer science and engineering programs, and specifically for its software engineering curriculum. I wanted to receive my education from an institution that is known for producing skilled software engineers.
Secondly, the accelerated master's program offered by Cal State Fullerton appealed to me because it allows me to complete both my bachelor's and master's degrees in a shorter time frame. This means that I can save time and start my career sooner while still obtaining a higher level of education.

Additionally, Cal State Fullerton's location in Southern California provides numerous opportunities for internships and job placements in the thriving tech industry. Being in close proximity to companies and organizations in the software engineering field will give me access to valuable practical experiences and networking opportunities.

Furthermore, the faculty at Cal State Fullerton are experienced professionals in the field of software engineering, and I believe their expertise and guidance will greatly contribute to my learning and skill development.

Overall, Cal State Fullerton offers a combination of academic excellence, an accelerated program structure, industry connections, and experienced faculty that make it an ideal choice for earning my Accelerated Master's in Software Engineering.

What were you doing before joining this program?

Before joining this program, I finished my Bachelor’s in Technology in Computer Science and Engineering and Worked as an Engineer at IBM for 2 years.

How was your experience being in an accelerated program?

My experience being in an accelerated program was both challenging and rewarding. The condensed timeline meant that the coursework was intense and required a high level of dedication and time management. However, it also allowed me to complete my degree in a shorter period, which was a significant advantage. The fast-paced nature of the program pushed me to work efficiently and effectively, enhancing my ability to handle tight deadlines and pressure. Additionally, being part of an accelerated program enabled me to delve deeper into advanced topics and engage with a focused group of like-minded peers. Overall, while it demanded a great deal of effort, the accelerated program provided me with a valuable and accelerated path to achieving my educational goals.

Where are you now after completing the program?

I am currently working as a Software Engineer at Extron Extronics, Anaheim.

What advice do you have for students entering the program?

My advice for students entering the program is to stay organized and manage your time effectively. The accelerated nature of the program requires discipline and careful planning to stay on top of coursework and assignments. Additionally, don't hesitate to seek help and collaborate with your peers. Utilize the resources available, such as professors, tutors, and study groups, to enhance your understanding and overcome challenges. Lastly, remember to take care of yourself by maintaining a healthy work-life balance and finding time for relaxation and rejuvenation.

What’s your next step?

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