Accelerated Master's in Software Engineering

California State University, Fullerton

Program Schedule

The Accelerated Master of Science in Software Engineering is a four-semester, on-campus degree program. The program consists of 30 units (10 courses) that are completed over 17 months. Students are grouped into a cohort that follows the same class schedule throughout the program.

The program curriculum is designed with the following learning goals: comprehension of software standards, implementation and management of software process, assessment/appraisal of software process, management of legal and ethical issues, collaboration and teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving, research and communication.

Core Courses

CPSC 541: Systems and Software Standards and Requirements

CPSC 543: Software Maintenance

CPSC 544: Advanced Software Process

CPSC 545: Software Design and Architecture

Software Process Evaluation Courses

CPSC 542: Software Verification and Validation

CPSC 547: Software Measurement

Software Engineering Management Courses

CPSC 546: Modern Software Management

CPSC 548: Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues for Software Engineers

Capstone Experience

CPSC 589: Seminar in Computer Science 

CPSC 597: Graduate Project in Computer Science

- All courses are three units. -

Fall 2021 Program Schedule
Term Dates Course Course Title Units
Fall 2021 Aug to Dec CPSC 541 Systems and Software Standards and Requirements 3
CPSC 544 Advanced Software Process 3
CPSC 589 Seminar in Computer Science 3
Spring 2022 Jan to May CPSC 542 Software Verification and Validation 3
CPSC 545 Software Design and Architecture 3
CPSC 546 Modern Software Management 3
Summer 2022 May to June CPSC 543 Software Maintenance 3
CPSC 548 Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues for Software Engineers 3
Fall 2022 Aug to Dec CPSC 547 Software Measurement 3
CPSC 597 Graduate Project in Compuer Science 3

Dr. Ryu

“From this program, students will learn the entire process for developing complex and large-scale software systems and be ready to participate in industry projects.”

- Dr. Christopher Ryu, CSUF Chair and Professor, Department of Computer Science

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Kaushik Bhalerao

“I have been able to put all my coursework into practice and learned a lot through the OPT program, including project development and cloud infrastructure.”

- Kaushik Bhalerao, AMSE alum

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