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The purpose of this course is to put everything the student has learned together and create the business case for management to invest in user-centered design and customer experience and to create a portfolio to present the student''s work to current or future employers.

Development of a business case is a crucial step that is ignored by too many professionals in the field who feel that exciting designs or carefully crafted experiences should sell themselves. Students must be able to demonstrate both the financial cost to the business of having a poor design or experience as well as the financial benefit of the change that is proposed. The goal is to sell management on the idea that the time, resources, and money spent on designing and creating the solution is a business investment rather than an expense.

Development of a good portfolio is equally crucial. This gives students an opportunity to showcase their skills, demonstrate their thinking and convey their work style by telling their portfolio story. Students will learn what is a makes-up a good portfolio, how to present their portfolio and how to listen and respond to client feedback.


Introduction to UX and UX Research, Analysis and Planning for User-Centered Design, User-Centered Design for Web and Mobile Interfaces, Prototyping User-Centered Design Solutions, Concepts and Practices in Usability Testing

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E197-22198 10/21/19-12/15/19 Online Online-Variable $890.00
Instructor: D. Nguyen, Master's Degree in Human Computer Interaction. Director of User Experience.

Unit(s): 2.0
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1) The Customer Experience Revolution: How Companies Like Apple, Amazon and Starbucks Have Changed Business Forever, 2012 (ISBN: 9780982664469) 2) Happy R.A.V.I.N.G. Customers!: Six Powerful Steps to Grow Your Business with Exceptional Customer Experience (ISBN: 9780991027408)