Community & Corporate Engagement

California State University, Fullerton| Extension and International Programs

EIP’s Community & Corporate Engagement unit contributes to the mission of the University with local, regional, and international communities by providing strategic input and service to the AVP, EIP leadership, and campus community.

It oversees the establishment and growth of a network of high-quality academic partnerships, the development and management of corporate partnerships, and supports EIP’s active involvement in the regional community. It strives to establish and maintain a network of inspirational and innovative partnerships that positively affect students, employees, employers, communities and other stakeholders.

Key focus areas are partnerships that are mutually beneficial and that promote collaboration with universities, companies and agencies to foster transformations in society, research, technology and education, and to support regional workforce development.

Corporate & Community Education/ Workforce Development

Workforce development is an important element for community and economic development. To have effective business retention, attraction, and growth strategies, the local workforce is an essential component.

EIP collaborates with local government, businesses, industries, and organizations to address workforce training and recruitment needs. It provides quick, job-specific training to career seekers and for businesses/organizations looking to enhance their employees’ skills.

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