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FAQ for Game-Based Learning Certificate Program

What is the Game-Based Learning Certificate Program?

The program is a new online certificate program for K-12 educators, higher education instructors, training professionals, and any other educator or professional interested in game-based learning.

How long is the Game-Based Learning Certificate Program?

There are three courses available starting in March 2021. Each course is six weeks long.

What are key features of the Game-Based Learning Certificate Program?

Program features:

  • Fully online
  • Provides an engaging and fun learning experience in a gamified, online course environment
  • Features team-based learning challenges
  • Strengthens professional practice through developing game-based learning expertise
  • Helps both non-gamer and gamer participants realize the educational potential of game-based learning
  • Develops a “gamer mindset” in participants
  • Become a member of an online game-based learning community that persists even after the program finishes
  • Classes taught by a game-based learning professional with extensive experience in all aspects of game-based learning
  • Aligns with the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Teachers

Is the Game-Based Learning Program fully online or are there face-to-face meetings?

The program is fully online and there are no required face-to-face meetings. However, the program coordinator and course instructors are available for online office hours and advisement.

What courses are required in the Game-Based Learning Certificate Program?

  1. Introduction To Game-Based Learning: Course provides an introduction into game-based learning and provide a solid foundation about game-based learning activities, principles and benefits.
  2. Game-Based Learning Design: Course helps participants learn about how to select and effectively utilize various types of games, including video games, educational games, analog games, escape games, and new media games in their classrooms.
  3. Gamification In Education: Course provides a hands-on experience for participants to create their own gamified learning activity and/or gamified course system.

How much work is expected of participants during the courses?

A three-unit class requires three hours per week, plus additional time for research, assignments, and collaboration. However, in order to gain mastery level in all of the various topics in the program, participants should be willing (and eager) to spend more time on each course.

How different is an online course from a traditional face-to-face course?

An online course and a face-to-face course differ primarily in the way the course is facilitated. Instead of meeting on campus at a fixed location and time, students have more flexibility as to when and where they complete the course assignments and other activities. Online courses are structured to keep students on track and are actively facilitated by the instructor to ensure success. See our FAQ on Online Programs for more information.

What content and assignments will courses include?

Each course will include team-based challenges that cover various game-based learning topics. Each challenge will feature ideation, design, discussion and reflection among team members and all participants.

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You can learn more about Game-Based Learning — including information on dates, cost and registration — on our program page.

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