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FAQ for the Level up! Game-Based Learning Microcredential Program

What is the Game-Based Learning Microcredential Program?

This microcredential program provides participants with opportunities to learn about the area of game-based learning and how to utilize educational and training games in a time-efficient, flexible, and affordable manner. Each microcourse in the program allows participants to dive deeper into understanding how and why games that are designed specifically for educational purposes can be effective and engaging learning experiences. Participants who complete each microcourse will be awarded a CSUF digital badge containing metadata about the specific skills and knowledge learned. These digital badges can serve as a portable credential that participants can use in portfolios or work-based social media.

What is a Microcredential?

The National Education Association describes micro-credentials as “competency-based recognition” which demonstrates acquired knowledge and competency in a particular area. For the purposes of this program, the term ‘microcredential’ represents demonstrated competency of specific knowledge in using games for teaching and workplace learning that align with game-based learning industry standards.

What is the Games For Teaching and Workplace Learning Microcredential?

This microcredential consists of three short competency-based courses. To earn the microcredential, students must complete all three microcourses and demonstrate competence on each microcourse deliverable. Students must also achieve and apply a high level of understanding of intrinsic motivation and gameful mindset characteristics. Upon successful completion of the three microcourses, a digital badge, which serves as a visual representation and achievement of the microcredential, will be awarded.

Am I required to enroll in all three microcourses?

You can take any of the microcourses separately and are not required to enroll in all of them. However, if you want to build on the learning in each short course, we recommend you take all three microcourses to earn your microcredential.

How long is the Games for Teaching and Workplace Learning microcredential?

There are three microcourses. The first two courses are 3-weeks each, and the third course is 4-weeks long.

What are key features of the Games for Teaching and Workplace Learning microcredential?

  • Fully online
  • Classes facilitated by a game-based learning professional with extensive experience in all aspects of game-based learning
  • Provides an engaging and fun learning experience in a gamified, online course environment Learn in a shorter, more focused format in which you can set aside 3-5 hours a week of dedicated time for each microcourse
  • Receive a digital badge after successfully completing each micro-course. Upon successful completion of the three micro-courses, you will receive a microcredential
  • Actively engage with other microcourse participants. Unlike traditional online courses that rely on video and quiz format, these microcourses emphasize social learning to learn from others and help others learn
  • Participate in a mini community to share ideas and generate deeper and broader discussion of game-based learning
  • Helps both non-gamer and gamer participants realize the educational potential of game-based learning
  • Develops a “gameful mindset” in participants to help you connect better with today’s gamer generation of learners
  • Aligns with the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Teachers

Are the microcourses fully online or are there virtual live class meetings?

The program is fully online and there are no required face-to-face or virtual live meetings. However, the program coordinator and course instructors are available for online office hours and advisement.

What three microcourses are required in the Games For Teaching and Workplace Learning microcredential?

  1. Getting Started With Games For Teaching and Workplace Learning:
    This microcourse provides an introduction about games for teaching and workplace learning. Participants will learn about the various types of games, platforms, and genres of learning games and how to evaluate and identify good educational games to use in a training or course.
  2. Evaluating Games For Teaching and Workplace Learning:
    This microcourse provides a deeper dive into the evaluation of games for teaching and workplace learning. Participants will learn about the various learning game components, including game mechanics, assessment methods, and feedback mechanisms, in order to effectively analyze why a game is or is not a good educational game.
  3. Designing Games For Teaching and Workplace Learning:
    This microcourse provides an opportunity for participants to brainstorm and design a concept for a new game for teaching and workplace learning. Participants will learn how to use and evaluate game mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics in order to create a design concept for an effective and engaging educational game.

How different is an online course from a traditional face-to-face course?

An online course and a face-to-face course differ primarily in the way the course is facilitated. Instead of meeting on campus at a fixed location and time, students have more flexibility as to when and where they complete the course assignments and other activities. Online courses are structured to keep students on track and are actively facilitated by the instructor to ensure success. See our FAQ on Online Programs for more information.

What is the methodology used in the microcredential program?

A game-based learning course would be somewhat hypocritical to be presented in a traditional online course format featuring lengthy video lectures and online quizzes. Instead, each microcourse is a more interactive, socially engaging experience that provides a safe space for participants to share ideas and discover new learning.

The microcourses are designed to be social learning experiences in which each participant learns with and from fellow participants. The activities and discussions are set up to encourage sharing of ideas and feedback, so participants actively contribute to everyone's learning. Therefore, each course encourages as much participation as possible in order to increase the learning of everyone.

In addition to specific GBL content, each microcourse will include learning about these universal aspects of GBL:

  • Gameful mindset
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Game literacy

Learn more about the program

Learn more about GBL

You can learn more about Game-Based Learning — including information on dates, cost and registration — on our program page.

Level Up! Game-Based Learning Microcredential