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All of us have had people and experiences in our life that have caused major changes. The individuals on this page have had great success after completing one or more of Cal State Fullerton’s professional development programs. Through instruction, networking and class projects, these students have found new careers, developed new skills, been hired for a new job or received a promotion and more. We’d love to hear your success story — how has your career changed after taking courses through Cal State Fullerton's Extension and International Programs?

  • Karina Amaral

    Karina Amaral

    Certified Crime & Intelligence Analyst
    Crime and Intelligence Analysis certificate

    "Having the state certification most certainly helped when interviewing for crime and intelligence analyst positions."

  • Juanita Arreola

    Juanita Arreola

    Human Resources Management certificate

    "The instructors made it interesting. Most owned their own businesses or were HR advisors. They’re in the field, and teaching based on those experiences."

  • Osborne Chen

    Osborne Chen

    UX Designer
    User Experience certificate

    "There's no question that CSUF's UX Certificate is a great starting point for those looking to break into the UX field."

  • Carol Chia

    Carol Chia

    Medical Informatics Reporting Analyst
    Healthcare Information Technology certificate

    “What I learned in the HIT program helped me understand the healthcare reform that I am currently dealing with, as well as its impact on my company’s member enrollment.”

  • Brandy C. Easley

    Brandy C. Easley

    Senior Crime Analyst
    Crime & Intelligence Analysis certificate

    Brandy always knew she wanted a career in law enforcement. "I was a criminal justice major at CSUF, worked for a criminal attorney and in the courts."

  • Alex Figge

    Alex Figge

    Human Resources Associate
    Human Resources Management certificate

    “The real world experience shared by instructors helped make curriculum content interesting and relatable."

  • Chris Gutierrez

    Chris Gutierrez

    Industrial & Mechanical Engineer
    Lean Six Sigma certificate

    “With this course, I was able to dive deep and close the gap in my knowledge with a classroom experience of Lean Six Sigma.”

  • Leslie Huff

    Leslie Huff

    GATE certificate

    "The classes in the G.A.T.E. Certificate were among the best and most informative professional development classes I have ever taken,” says Leslie Huff, who is an elementary school teacher. "I am a better educator because of this program."

  • Michael Lawson

    Michael Lawson

    Fiduciary Management certificate

    “They provided timely instruction and guidance regarding courses, registration, and activities, and facilitated an active network among the students and the professional fiduciary community.”

  • Lauren Lopez

    Lauren Lopez

    Email Specialist
    Digital Marketing Certificate

    "After completing the program, I continued exploring the different marketing channels to identify what our office could implement and also be beneficial to the student… I continued developing my skills in email marketing and then interviewed for the Communications Specialist position — which is where I am today."

  • Jessica Martinez

    Jessica Martinez

    Surveillance Investigator
    Private Investigation certificate

    “The PI certification program is full of so many resources for students to learn and utilize - even in our current career field”

  • Michelle McBee

    Michelle McBee

    Licensed Professional Fiduciary
    Fiduciary Management certificate

    "I don’t think I would have had the confidence to start a fiduciary business without having had the CSUF classes and earning the certificate."

  • Lauren Murray

    Lauren Murray

    Onboarding Team Lead at PIMCO LLC
    Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management

    "As a post-graduate class, everyone is really motivated and hard-working so it’s a nice atmosphere for working together."

  • Lorie Parch

    Lorie Parch

    Web Content Strategy Manager
    User Experience certificate

    "The teachers were clear, supportive and it was nice to go through the program with the same cohort of fellow students."

  • Evon Morgan

    Evon Morgan

    Certified Court Interpreter
    Legal Interpretation certificate

    "I could not have done it without my wonderful instructors."

  • Edna Santizo

    Edna Santizo

    Freelance Interpreter & Translator
    Professional Translation and Legal Interpretation certificates

    “I’m often asked where I studied to become an interpreter and I’m very proud to respond – Cal State Fullerton Extended Education."

  • Ana Smith

    Ana Smith

    Certified Court Interpreter
    Legal Interpretation (Spanish/English) certificate

    "The advice and lessons from my teachers are what I will remember most about this program."

  • Oscar Tippol

    Oscar Tippol

    Planner/Board Analyst
    Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Supply Chain certificates

    "The Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Supply Chain Management classes provided me with very practical tools that I could apply the next day at work."

  • Jennifer Triplet

    Jennifer Triplet

    Community College Adjunct Instructor
    Postsecondary Literacy and Learning certificate

    “I can honestly say that having a reading certificate has not only improved my level of reading instruction but has made me more marketable as I apply for positions.“