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"I’ve Benefited from the HR Program in Many Ways!"

Alex Figge
Human Resources Associate at Young’s Market Company

Completing EIP’s Human Resources Management Certificate program proved to be a turning point in Alex Figge’s career.

“I have benefited from the Human Resources Management program in many ways,” Alex says. “I have made important connections in this program with fellow students and professors. I have also learned a large amount of information that truly has helped me feel comfortable about the work that I do and the decisions I make within the HR field.”

She especially enjoyed the instructors who were practicing professionals in the HR field. “They would challenge us with activities every week that forced us to problem solve,” Alex says. “We were also encouraged to have discussions throughout class which kept us engaged.”

The real world experience shared by instructors helped make curriculum content interesting and relatable, according to Alex. “We are now also able to network with those professors, which is also extremely valuable when looking for a position!”

Learning more about California employment law was also especially helpful to Alex.“I learned about California's unique employment laws and how to follow those laws while also following federal law. This is something I am faced with on a daily basis, whether I’m completing I9 paperwork with a new employee or starting a worker's compensation claim. This is invaluable information that you can learn quickly and efficiently in a reasonably short amount of time in this program.”

Alex was able to use the Human Resources program to connect with an HR internship that gave her the on-the-job experience that helped her get a new job just before completing the program.After she was in that position for a year, she received an email from University Extended Education about an HR job with Young’s Market Company, a distributor of fine wines and spirits.

“The recruiter at Young's is also a CSUF graduate, and she reached out to EIP’s HR program to find candidates,” Alex says. “I replied to the email and quickly had an interview that turned in to a job offer, and I am now working for that company!”

Alex Figge

Alex Figge

“The real world experience shared by instructors helped make curriculum content interesting and relatable"

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