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The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities & Social Sciences Online Degree Completion Program at California State University, Fullerton is an affordable, convenient way to complete your degree requirements. At a rate of $425 per unit, the program is one of the best values available from an accredited university. You will earn the same degree that on-campus students earn, but with a few differences in the path you’ll take to do so:

BA in Humanities & Social Sciences Online Degree Completion Program On-campus Humanities & Social Sciences Degree Programs
Interdisciplinary degree 23 different undergraduate degree programs Opens in new window
Cohort-based, set curriculum May take classes in any order subject to pre-requisite requirements
Guaranteed seats in classes Seats not guaranteed
Classes exclusively online Classes mostly on campus
Part-time enrollment (6-9 units per semester) Part-time or Full-time enrollment
Cost: $425 per unit Cost: Varies - Part-time enrollment (1-6 units) for Fall 2018: $2,241
Complete the program in 3 years No set graduation date

Although fees are subject to change without notice or obligation, every effort will be made to minimize costs to the students while maximizing that value. Our online program is designed to give students the feel of an on-campus program whenever and wherever possible; in addition to being taught by the same faculty as our on-campus students and receiving the same degree, you’ll also have access to some of the same services and benefits, including:

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