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Alumna Q&A: Online Bachelor's in Humanities & Social Sciences Program

Adelia Jones

Adelia Jones

 Nursing student/Delaware State University

A military spouse on the move, Adelia was looking for a flexible degree program. Read how this program helped her pursue a nursing career.

Why did you join the CSUF Online Bachelor's in Humanities & Social Sciences program?

In 2020, I graduated from Solano Community College and was headed into a nursing program that fall…and then the pandemic happened. Because of COVID, they weren’t doing cohorts for that nursing program until Spring 2021. 

I’m also a military spouse, so my family and I have to move a lot. Before the pandemic, I had timed everything so that I would start that nursing program in the fall and finish it by the time we moved to Delaware in February 2022. Once the pandemic happened, though, I couldn’t join the cohort in spring because I wouldn’t be able to complete it by the time we moved. My kids and husband would’ve had to leave without me, and I would’ve had to wait until I finished the program to join them.

I needed a Plan B, so my advisor at Solano suggested an online degree program.

“ The online option was the best thing that ever could have happened, because without it I wouldn’t have gotten my degree. “

Why did you choose an online degree-completion program versus a traditional in-person degree program?

As a military spouse, it’s so difficult to get your education when you’re moving. The online option was the best thing that ever could have happened because without it I wouldn’t have gotten my degree. I was able to attend classes while moving to Delaware!

What course in the Online Bachelor's in Humanities & Social Sciences program do you feel benefited you the most?

The Anthropology classes were definitely some of my favorites. They changed my perspective on how outsiders see things, versus how people who are part of a culture see things. We tend to take our own views and push those onto others, but just because we think our views are right, doesn’t mean they always are. I also enjoyed the Women in Islam and the Cities in Nature class.

What did you enjoy about being in a cohort?

Not having to fight for a spot in a class!

“The relief of knowing that I didn’t have to stress about classes being full and that there was a seat saved for me was the best.”

Now that you’ve earned a Bachelor's in Humanities & Social Sciences, what are your plans moving forward?

I’ve been accepted into a nursing program at Delaware State University! I’m starting there in Fall 2022.

Would you recommend CSUF online degree-completion program to others and why?

I would 100% recommend it, especially to military members and spouses. Without the online degree program at Cal State Fullerton, I wouldn’t be in the position that I am right now, starting my nursing program.

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