Open University

California State University, Fullerton


  • Covid-19 vaccination is required for any student enrolled through Open University in course sections meeting in-person or in a hybrid format. For those eligible, an approved booster dose is also required.  There are no options to request a religious or medical exemption if enrolled through Open University.
  • Enrollment through Open University into only fully online courses does allow you to attest you are in a fully online (WEB) course(s) and will not access any CSUF facilities nor participate in any on-campus CSUF activities, programs or other instruction.  Therefore, status of COVID-19 vaccination and booster dose would not be required.
  • When you log into the CSUF Portal to access your course, you will receive a Portal Message requesting you attest to Covid-19 vaccine and booster dose status (if eligible) or attest you are only enrolled in a fully online course(s) and will not be coming to the campus in person. You will not be able to bypass this message and access your course(s), until you have completed this information.
  • Visit Titans Return: Covid-19 Recovery for additional university information and CSUF guidelines regarding the current status of the campus.


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