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Spring Semester Dates & Details

  • October 2, 2023: Access opens to Create/Update Student Record through February 20. This step generates an enrollment appointment window. If you receive an error message, clear the "cookies/cache" in your browser.
  • October 2, 2023: CSUF Class Schedule viewable.
  • January 8 - February 5, 2024: Request for Approval window live for Spring 2024.
  • January 20, 2024: Spring semester begins. 
  • Review General Instructions to Enroll

NEW PROCESS: Be proactive and plan ahead.

  • You must click here Student Record: Create or Update to either create a new student record or to update your prior/existing student record, so your student record is "active" for your planned semester/term of enrollment through Open University.
  • This is the first required step for you to be able to request approval to enroll (Spring and Fall) or to directly enroll (Winter and Summer) for each planned semester or term. 
  • Access to create a new or update a prior student record for Spring 2024 enrollment is open October 2, 2023 - February 20, 2024. If you are experiencing technical issues with record creation or update, please clear your browser cookies and cache.

Important Dates & Details for Spring 2024 are below.

All students new and returning need an enrollment appointment window to enroll for each semester and term. Use the Create/Update Student Record link to either create a new record or update an existing record to (re)gain access to the CSUF Student Portal, and activate your program and term to enroll via Open University.

Returning Student? Check out the Returning Student drop down below.

You may request approval to enroll for course sections you have met prerequisites for, whether the section displays as open, closed, or waitlisted. If the professor and academic department approve, and physical space allows, then a permit will be placed on your record and you may enroll in the Manage Classes tile using the OU date specific enrollment appointment window.

The Request for Approval goes live on January 8, 2024 at 8am.  

  • Initiate the Request for Approval as soon as the window opens. You will receive a tracking code to monitor the status of the request. If it has been more than four (4) business days, it is okay to follow up with the professor or academic department, depending on where the request is at, according to the tracking code. Campus Directory
  • Include in the comments section if you have completed prerequisites and why you are taking the course (i.e. fulfill a GE, prerequiste for a future program, etc.) for the professor's consideration. 
  • If you are still waiting on a response for a Request for Approval when the semester begins, attend the first week of classes and introduce yourself to the professor. Follow-up on the Request for Approval.
  • Have backup sections for the course you need, or alternative course options. Be flexible when possible.  
  • Returning student? Remember to check for registration holds located in the Tasks tile in your Student Homepage. Take steps to resolve holds before requesting approval and before the semester begins. This includes Title IX Training holds placed on student records on an annual basis. Registration holds prevent you from completing enrollment. 

The waitlist is for admitted students only. However, an approved Request for Approval for a waitlisted course section is possible, and to the discretion of the professor and the academic department of the course.  Waitlists expire on Monday of the second week of the semester.  If an instructor has approved you to add a waitlisted section, the request will NOT route to the Department designated inbox for review until Monday of week two of the semester.  This is the first date the Department may respond, which is after the internal waitlists have expired.

Important Note: If the professor has approved you to add a waitlisted course section, do contact them directly to request access to Canvas and participate in the course, prior to official enrollment.  It is critical to not miss class meetings, as this could affect the outcome of your approval to add the course. View access to a course, however, is NOT official enrollment.  Remember to complete enrollment and payment when the Department has approved/permitted you to register for the course to be sure to secure your space and be included on the class roster. Once approved you will complete the enrollment in the Manage Classes tile, followed by processing payment in the Financial Account tile.

All fees are due in full at the time of enrollmentWhen you register into any course, you are prompted to acknowledge the fee payment policy. Failure to pay fees in full at the time of registration will result in you be disenrolled from courses (without notification) and you may still owe a balance of fees.  See Dates & Details below. 

Please consult EIP Student Services for any questions on payment of fees, including pending loans, or third party payments. In the Financial Account tile, located in the Student Homepage:

  • Select the Account Services tab, then Account Activity to generate the amount due. Next, select "Make a Payment" and proceed; Reference the OU Payment GuideFor a review of the fee structure and administrative logistics, check out Fees & Resources

Updating your record may be three parts:

Part 1: If you no longer have access to log into the CSUF Student Portal, Update Your Student Record and follow the prompts to request access as a returning student. Within 24-48 hours you will be able to log into the Student Portal with your prior username and password. If you do not recall your previous username and password, use the "Need help logging in?" link to reset.  If you cannot reset your username and password in the Portal, and are unable to login, then contact CSUF Student IT Helpdesk for assistance.

If you already have access to log into the CSUF Student Portal, then login and review the Manage Classes steps in the Returning Student Guide.

Part 2: Once you have logged into the CSUF Student Portal, update your profile.

Part 3: Review the Manage Classes steps in the Returning Student Guide to activate your program and term for spring 2024 in the Open University plan. This is what prompts an enrollment appointment window in the Manage Classes tile.  The appointment will appear 24-48 hours after this step is completed.

  • If you recently experienced academic disqualification from CSUF this past Fall and were dropped from a previously enrolled spring courses, you cannot self activate your program and term to enroll via Open University for this spring via Record Update through the CSUF Portal. You must contact EIP Student Services at or at 657.278.2611 during business hours to request a spring 2024 enrollment appointment window.  Please provide your full name, CWID and information about the recent fall academic disqualification.

Important Notes:

  • Students who have experienced undergraduate academic disqualification from CSUF may enroll in a maximum of 6 units for spring.  Enrollment into additional units over that limit could result in administrative enrollment cancellation.  Please discuss this with one of the Open University advisors at Open University Advisors.
  • Graduation candidates (undergraduate) for the recent fall term may not term activate for spring Open University without guidance from the Graduation Unit in Registration & Records. Please contact CSUF Graduation Unit first to determine if enrollment via Open University in spring is an appropriate action. 
  • Graduation candidates (graduate level) for the recent fall term may not term activate for spring Open University without guidance from the Graduate Studies Office. Please contact Graduate Studies first to determine if enrollment via Open University in spring is an appropriate action.


Spring 2024 Semester: Dates & Details
January 20 – May 17, 2024
October 2, 2023

Access to Create/Update Student Record opens; and CSUF Class Schedule viewable

January 8 – February 5, 2024

*Live @ 8 AM (PST) on January 8

Request for Approval and Enrollment Transaction Period

Initiate a Request for Approval: Create A Request, enter your CWID and follow the prompts. A submitted request will generate a tracking code to monitor the status of the request.

When a permit is placed, enroll in the Manage Classes tile.

January 20

First day of fall classes.

*most classes start Monday through Friday: January 22-26

January 8 – January 19

  • Early Drop Period (no record of enrollment); full refund less $10.
  • Drop a course in the Manage Classes tile.

January 20 – February 5

  • Drop Period (no record of enrollment); 65% refund.
  • Drop a course in the Manage Classes tile.

January 29

Waitlists expire. If you have approval for a waitlisted course, proceed with enrollment in your Manage Classes tile in the Student Homepage.

February 5

  • Last day to request approval and enrollment for a class without using the online Late Add Request process.
  • Last day to DROP without a grade of “W” for a 65% refund.
  • Last day to change grade option.
  • Last day to SWAP a class.

February 6 – February 20

Late Add Request for Approval and Enrollment Period

Submit a petition for a late addition of classes using the Late Add Request Form available at the CSUF Registration & Records Forms page. The Professor, Department Chair, and Associate Dean must approve the late add request. A $25 late fee will be applied to the other required fees.

February 6 – April 19

Late Withdrawal Period (“W” code will record)

Authorization to withdrawal will be granted only for documentable serious and compelling circumstances. Complete the Request for Withdrawal process online with CSUF Registration & Records. If approved, a “W” code will appear on your official transcript.

February 19

President's Day Observed. Campus Closed. No Classes.

February 20

Last day to receive a 65% refund of course fees. No refunds after this date.

April 1 – 5

Spring Recess (No Classes); Campus Closed April 1 in Observance of Cesar Chavez Day.

April 6

Last day to receive a pro-rated refund of the consolidated and student ID card fees for complete withdrawal from classes.

April 19

Final Withdrawal deadline to withdraw from classes with a grade of “W” for serious and compelling reasons. Complete the Request for Withdrawal process online with CSUF Registration & Records. Include supporting documentation of extenuating circumstances.

May 10

Last day of instruction.

May 11 – 17

Semester Final Exams.

May 24, 2024

Spring 2024 grades are due. You can view your unofficial transcript in the Academic Records tile.

student loans

Important Open University Disclosures

  • Students academically disqualified from CSUF may enroll in a maximum of six (6) units during Fall, Spring and Summer terms.  Students academically disqualified from CSUF are limited to three (3) units during a Winter term.
  • Enrollment through Open University is on an approved space-available basis by instructor and department.
  • A maximum of 24 units earned through Open University at CSUF may count toward the cumulative units required for a bachelor’s degree at CSUF.  Additional units could meet specific degree/course requirements.
  • Courses taken through Open University enrollment do not meet the residency requirements for a bachelor’s degree at CSUF (30 units for the degree; 24 units in upper division courses). For graduate degrees, usually 6 to 9 units of approved courses completed through Open University may apply, but for degrees which require more than 30 units, more units of credit could apply. Please consult the department graduate advisor of your program.
  • To view course descriptions and prerequisite information, visit Cal State Fullerton’s University Catalog.
  • For other important dates, including scheduled campus closures, visit the CSUF Academic Calendar.


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