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Instructions to Enroll via Open University

All students must meet and acknowledge all stated prerequisites for course choices. An instructor or department could ask to see transcripts. 

Always review the academic schedule for the semester/term you are interested in attending.

Spring and Fall Semesters

Spring/Fall Semesters

The process to enroll during spring/fall semester is unique, as permission from the professor and academic department are needed. This process is facilitated by initiating a Request for Approval on the Open University website as early as two weeks before the semester begins.

You may request permission for a course that is open, closed or waitlisted. If approved, you will proceed with enrollment as long as there is physical space, and any active internal waitlists have expired.  Active waitlistes are for admitted students only. Refer to the important dates and deadlines for a specific semester. 

Spring Fall


Summer Session and Winter Session Terms

Summer/Winter Session Terms

Summer and winter session terms have an early enrollment window. You may enroll into open sections of a course without permission, barring prerequisites have been met. If the course has a prerequisite that you completed elsewhere, you will need a permit. The early enrollment period opens in late October for the upcoming winter sessions, and in April for the upcoming summer sessions.  Refer to the important dates and deadlines for a specific session/term. 

Summer   Winter


General Instructions

STEP 1: Update OR Create Student Record

  • If you receive an error message, try clearing the "cookies/cache" in your browser.
  • This step will prompt an Open University enrollment appointment to appear in your CSUF Student Homepage. This step is always first for each semester/term you enroll via OU.
  •  Returning to CSUF? Use What’s My CWID to recall your campus wide ID (CWID). Click HERE for a guide on how to update your CSUF student record.


STEP 2: View CSUF Schedule

  • During fall & spring semesters, uncheck “Show open classes only” box to view all sections of a course (open, closed, or waitlisted).
  • When searching for summer & winter terms, adjust the course career to "Extended Education".


STEP 3: Check for Holds

  • Registration holds prevent enrollment via Open University. Returning students: check the Tasks tile in your Student Homepage.
  • New to CSUF? You should not have any holds.


STEP 4: Register for Classes

  • Summer/Winter: register for open sections with an OU enrollment appointment in the Manage Classes tile.If the course has a prerequiste that you took elsewhere, you will need a permit.
  • Fall/Spring: start by initiating a Request for Approval to obtain professor and department permission.  This process opens on the OU website two weeks before the semester begins, and the transaction is an online communication, routing the request to the instructor of record first, and from there, to the department of record for the course section requested. When a permit is placed you will complete enrollment in the Manage Classes tile.


STEP 5: Process Payment

  • All fees are due at the time of enrollment. Once enrolled, process payment in the Financial Account tile in your Student Homepage; OU Fees & Resources.


Enjoy your class! Remember to use campus resources to aid in your success and keep track of important dates, details, and deadlines.

  • Consult with one of the Open University Advisors if you have academic questions or need direction about whom you need to consult at the university.


NEW in 2023: All students enrolling via Open University must either Create a New Student Record OR Update an Existing Record so that your student record is active in the Open University plan for the semester/term of enrollment.

This action must be completed ahead of EACH semester or term you plan to enroll through Open University, so you will complete this step more than once if planning to enroll in multiple future semesters or terms. This step assigns a registration appointment in the Manage Classes tile in your Student Homepage.


New to CSUF?

For more information regarding Student Portal login and navigating your Student Homepage, click HERE.


Enrollment Limits

Students experiencing academic disqualification from CSUF may enroll in a maximum of six (6) units during fall, spring and summer terms, and no more than 3 in winter. Enrollment over these limits are subject to administrative enrollment cancellation of excess units. 

Please adhere to the enrollment limits stated here. For more information review the How many units can I take? FAQ


Open University Fees

All fees are due in full at the time of enrollment, unless approved under some other agreement through EIP Finance. You will be subject to enrollment cancellation (without notice) if fees are not paid in full at the time of enrollment. Take time to review the Fees & Resources for Open University fee and refund policies. 

For information on all other fees of other courses/programs offered through Extension and International Programs, click HERE and go to the specific program to review fee policy and refund information.


Are you in the U.S. on a Visa?

If you are an indvidual in the United States physically on a student Visa, requesting enrollment in any semester/term, which allows you to complete coursework in the United States, be prepared to upload proof of permission from your designated school official (DSO) at the time of the enrollment Request for Approval. This documentation should state you have approval to complete a course(s) at CSUF through Open University, while an admitted/matriculated student in attendance at another institution. 

Open University at CSUF does not issue one an I-20 to obtain a student Visa to enter the United States.



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