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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

FAFSA awarded financial aid is not available for courses completed through Open University, because one is not in an admitted status with CSUF, when completing courses through Open University. One must be an admitted/matriculated student (in good academic standing) at the institution attended, to be awarded this type of financial aid, if determined as eligible by EFC index.

Extension and International Programs (EIP) provides information that may assist students to consider a private student loan program. The choice of any lender and guarantor is a decision and responsibility you must make as the borrower. EIP will still need to meet the lender's requirements.  Please contact any lender for further information about their private student loan programs.

CSUF School Code: #001137

Private Student Loan Guidelines

Arrangements for any private educational loan must be made prior to enrollment. It usually takes 3-5 business days for EIP Finance at CSUF to complete certification of the loan after the student has submitted the request. Loan certification is not guaranteed, and terms and conditions must be accepted by EIP.


  • Apply for a private educational loan with a lender of your choice. Your own commercial bank and/or credit union may offer these types of loans.
  • Students will need to notify Extension and International Programs of their approved private educational loan. Please call EIP Finance at at (657) 278-2232 or email to notify them of the loan application.
  • Extension and International Programs will certify the student’s loan with the lender. Please note that Extension and International Programs is only able to certify the loan relating to the total estimated cost of the course(s) and student fees.
  • Funds are disbursed after the course(s) starts in the term you are enrolled.  Funds disburse to CSUF on your scheduled disbursement dates.  Loan amounts will be applied to all institutional charges, and any remaining balance would be refunded to you. Please note it takes 7-10 business days after the disbursement date for funds to be applied to your account.
  • Any unpaid balance owed after the loan funds are disbursed will be due immediately - to be paid directly by the student.
  • Helpful Loan Information at these links below:

           Types of Awards-Office of Financial Aid CSUF 

           Federal versus Private Loans Information-Federal Student Aid 

           Private Student Loans - Federal Student Aid 


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