Maintaining Student Status - STEM OPT Extension / Annual Evaluation

Annual Evaluation

Follow this procedure when you reach the 12 month mark and again when you reach the 24 month mark of your STEM OPT period. Complete the following with the STEM employer with whom you are employed at the time of the reporting requirement.

Due Date: submit to ISS within 10 days of the 12 month and 24 month mark of your STEM OPT period. To be considered on time, submission must be complete and accurate. 10 day deadline is for student submission to ISS only. ISS has an additional window to report evaluation to the Department of Homeland Security.

No updated I-20 will be issued after reporting.

How to Report

  1. Download and complete the STEM OPT Employer Update Form using the following instructions:
    • Enter Last Name, First Name, and CWID
    • Select “Annual self-evaluation”
    • Section A: Complete whole section
    • Section B: Select “Employed (single employer)” and complete whole section
    • Section C: Leave blank
    • Section D: Leave blank
    • Section E: Complete whole section
  2. Using page 5 of Form I-983, complete the "Evaluation on Student Progress" section for your 12 month evaluation and the "Final Evaluation on Student Progress" section for your 24 month evaluation and have your employer sign it.
    • This is a self-evaluation and should not be written by the employer
    • The evaluation start and end date should reflect employment dates during the STEM period
    • The evaluation should be signed by you and the signatory designated on page 5 of the I-983.
  3. Submit the completed form and all supporting documents in person to the ISS office or via email to

Reminder: Please ensure that the information you are reporting on the STEM OPT Employer Update Form matches the I-983 Training Plan. If the I-983 no longer reflects your current employment, you are required to report these changes to ISS by submitting an updated I-983 (pages 1-4) signed by you and your employer. Your evaluation will not be processed until you have fulfilled this requirement.