Employment / Off-Campus Employer

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Off-Campus Employer Information

International students on F-1 or J-1 visa status can apply for a Social Security Number only if they have received employment authorization (example Optional Practical Training) to work in the U.S. AND a valid offer of employment.

In order to facilitate the international students application for a social security number, employers hiring international students with employment authorization are asked to provide a letter (please use sample letter as a reference) using the format below:

  • Name of student
  • Position offered
  • A brief description of student's responsibilities (e.g. answering phones, typing letters, stocking shelves in the library, etc)
  • Start date of proposed employment & number of work hours per week (Visa students may not work more than 20 hours per week during the semester)
  • Employer Telephone Number (i.e. the immediate supervisor's or departmental office phone number)

Other Resources

For more information on hiring international students, refer to NAFSA: Association of International Educators' "What Employers Should Know About Hiring International Students" guide (you will need to create a NAFSA account to view).