Maintaining Student Status - STEM OPT Extension / Change of STEM Employer

Change of STEM Employer

Follow this procedure if you are changing from one STEM approved employer to another STEM approved employer.

Due Date: Within 10 days of the STEM employer change

Upon approval, ISS will issue an updated I-20.


Click the link below to submit the STEM OPT Employer Update Form.

In order for your submission to be complete, you must upload the following documents via the STEM OPT Employer Update Form:

  1. Page 5 of Form I-983, "Final Evaluation on Student Progress" for your previous employment.
    • View final evaluation guidelines
    • This is a self-evaluation and should not be written by the employer
    • The evaluation start and end date should reflect employment dates during the STEM period
    • The evaluation should be signed by you and the signatory designated on page 4 of the I-983.
  2. New I-983 Training Plan (Pages 1-4) for your new employment.
  3. Proof of new employer enrollment in E-Verify, if not listed in the USCIS E-Verify Employers Search Tool.
    • Proof, if necessary, can come in the form of the STEM employer’s memorandum of understanding (MOU) with E-Verify or a screenshot of the company’s E-Verify web portal.

Submit STEM OPT Employer Update Form