Maintaining Student Status - STEM OPT Extension / Ending STEM employment and Ending STEM OPT benefit

Ending STEM employment and Ending STEM OPT benefit

Follow this procedure if you are ending your STEM employment and are leaving the U.S. before the end of your STEM OPT period. Keep in mind that by submitting this form you are ending your STEM OPT benefit early and will no longer be permitted to work or remain in the U.S. on F-1 status./p>

How to Report

  1. Download and complete the STEM OPT Employer Update Form using the following instructions:
    • Enter Last Name, First Name, and CWID
    • Select “Change of STEM Employer” and I-20 delivery option
    • Section A: Complete whole section
    • Section B: Select “Unemployed” and leave rest of section blank
    • Section C: Complete whole section
    • Section D: Leave blank
    • Section E: Complete whole section
  2. Using page 5 of Form I-983, complete the "Final Evaluation on Student Progress" section and have your previous employer sign it.
    • This is a self-evaluation and should not be written by the employer
    • The evaluation start and end date should reflect employment dates during the STEM period
    • The evaluation should be signed by the signatory designated on page 4 of the I-983.
  3. Submit the completed form and all supporting documents in person to the ISS office or via email at
  4. Submit an Exit Form. Select “I am currently on approved OPT or STEM OPT, but want to end my employment benefit early and leave the U.S.” Complete the rest of the form and attach your flight itinerary as proof of departure from the U.S.
  5. Upon approval, ISS will close your SEVIS record. We will end your SEVIS record effective the date you indicate you plan to leave the U.S. or the date you notify us, whichever is later. After submitting the above form and receiving approval from ISS, you are no longer permitted to work or remain in the U.S. on F-1 status.