Maintaining Student Status - STEM OPT Extension / Material Changes to Form I-983 Training Plan

Material Changes to I-983 Training Plan

Follow this procedure if you or your STEM employer would like to report changes to your I-983 training plan. Your STEM employer, by signing the I-983, agrees to report changes in the training plan to ISS as outlined on Page 2, Section 4, Employer Certification.These changes also may impact your I-20.

Due Date: Earliest available opportunity

How to Report

  1. Download and complete the STEM OPT Employer Update Form using the following instructions:
    • Enter Last Name, First Name, and CWID
    • Select “Material changes to Form I-983”
    • Section A: Complete whole section
    • Section B: Select “Employed (single employer)” and complete whole section
    • Section C: Leave blank
    • Section D: Complete whole section
    • Section E: Complete whole section
  2. Complete an updated I-983 Training Plan, signed by you and your employer. Refer to our Guidelines for Completing Form I-983 for further instructions.
  3. Submit the completed form and updated I-983 training plan in person to the ISS office or via email at

I-20 Issuance:

Upon approval, ISS will issue an updated I-20 for certain material changes only. Examples of material changes and whether a new I-20 will be issued include but are not limited to:

Type of Change New I-20?
Change in Compensation/Salary (Section 3) No
Change in Employer Name (Section 3) Yes
Change in Employer Site (Section 5) Yes
Designation of new employer with signatory authority (Section 6) No