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Academic Policy & Requirements

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Stop Out Policy

Undergraduate students may be absent for one semester and maintain their continuing student status. If you are not going to take classes for a term, please contact Since this program has a pre-determined schedule, you will need to make arrangements to make up the course work.

More information regarding Leave of Absence, please visit:

Graduation Requirements

The following is a summary of graduation requirements. For detailed information, please consult the University Catalog


I. Unit requirements

All students must complete a minimum of 120 units to earn the B.A. Business Administration Degree. If you transferred with less than 66 units, you may need to complete additional elective coursework at a community college.

  • 48 - 49 units of General Education (including completion of all CSUF general education areas, 9 units of upper-division GE)
  • All unit requirements for the major:
    • 21 units of lower-division business core
    • 27 units of upper-division business core (including BUAD 301 to fulfill the upper-division writing requirement)
    • 3 units of business practicum (in the online program only, this course is double-counted with a concentration course)
    • 3 units of Capstone
    • 3 units of Global Business Requirements (in the online program, this course is double-counted as 3 units of upper-division General Education)
    • 18 units of concentration courses
    • Free electives to reach 120 units (if applicable)

II. Upper-division requirements

  • All students must complete a minimum of 40 units of upper-division coursework (300-400 level).
  • All students must complete a minimum of 9 units of upper-division General Education courses.

III. Residence requirements for the B.A. Business Administration degree

  • All students must complete a minimum of 30 units of their major in residence. 24 of these units must be in the upper-division. In addition, at least half of the concentration and 15 of the last 24 units in the major must be completed in residence.
  • All students must complete a minimum of 9 units of upper-division General Education courses in residence.

IV. Grade Point Average requirements for the B.A. Business Administration, Professional Business Concentration degree

All students must maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher in the following areas:

  • Cumulative – all units attempted, including those attempted at other institutions
  • CSUF – all units attempted at CSUF
  • Major – all units attempted in the major
  • Concentration – all units attempted in the concentration

Grading System

CSUF utilizes a combination of traditional and nontraditional grading options.

  • Traditional: Letter grade option (plus/minus may be assigned)
  • Nontraditional: Credit/No Credit Option*

*Note: All courses in the Business Administration, Professional Business concentration program are graded using the letter grade option.

Minimum Grade Requirements for the B.A. Business Administration, Professional Business program:

  • All upper-division business core courses, the business practicum (ISDS 442), and the capstone (MGMT 449) must be completed with a “C” or higher
  • The Global Business Requirement (ECON 333 or 335) must be completed with a “D” or higher
  • The upper-division General Education courses (ANTH 304) must be completed with a “D” or higher
  • Concentration courses (other than ISDS 442 which double-counts for the business practicum) must be completed with a “D minus“ or higer
    • Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA* for the concentration

*Please note ALL of the grade point average (GPA) requirements in the Graduation Requirements section above.

A grade of “F” is considered failing and does not award units. Therefore, any course in which a student earns a grade of “F” must be repeated.

Academic Notice and Disqualification Policy

Students are placed on academic notice if their cumulative or CSUF GPA falls below a 2.0. Once on notice, the student will have the following semester of attendance to raise the GPA and be removed from academic notice.

A student on academic notice is subject to academic disqualification if the student’s GPA falls below:

  • Freshman (0 – 29.9 units) = 1.50
  • Sophomore (30 – 59.9 units) = 1.70
  • Junior (60 – 89.9 units) = 1.85
  • Senior (90 or more units) = 1.95

Repeat Policy

Students may repeat courses for which a grade of “C minus” or below was earned. Students may repeat up to 28 units at Cal State Fullerton and may attempt a course a maximum of three times. Up to 16 units of coursework at CSUF can be repeated for “grade forgiveness” resulting in only the most recently earned grades and grade points being used in calculating the GPA. The original grade will remain on the academic record. Please review the University Policy Statement UPS 300.015 for a detailed description of this policy.

Students who receive Financial Aid, please visit:

Student Responsibilities

All students are responsible for the following:

  • Become familiar with University policies and regulations as laid out in the University Catalog ( and the University Policy Statements (UPS) (
  • Become familiar with graduation and degree requirements and utilize the Titan Degree Audit (TDA) to track and ensure completion of graduation requirements.
  • Understand program requirements as applied to the Online B.A. Business Administration, Professional Business Concentration program, including but not limited to GPA requirements, course requirements, program structure and pre-requisite guidelines.
  • Understand and abide by the drop, withdrawal and refund procedures and deadlines.
  • Abide by the University’s standards of behavior (

Grades and Transcripts

Grades are available approximately two weeks after the official end date of the class. Unofficial student transcripts are accessible online through your Student Portal:

  • Go to
  • Log in to the Portal with your Username and Password
  • Locate the Titan Online widget and click on Student Homepage
  • In the Academics Records tile, click on View Transcript

Students may request official transcripts from the CSUF Office of Admissions and Records. A Transcript Request form is available on the Registration and Records website

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