How to Search

Your greatest academic adventure starts with just a few clicks

How to Search

Your greatest academic adventure starts with just a few clicks.

Getting Started

To make sure you find a study abroad program that’s both culturally and academically enriching, we recommend you start with an open mind and use our database’s Opens in new window many search features.

You can search for a program based on location (region, country, city or institution) and by length of term. You can also search by program type, an important factor in matching the program you want with the costs you can afford:

CSU International Programs Opens in new window : Yearlong exchanges offered by the California State University system. Participants pay CSU tuition and program fees and earn resident academic credit while studying at an affiliated host university or study center abroad.
CSUF Reciprocal exchange programs Opens in new window : Semester or yearlong exchanges with CSUF partner universities abroad. Participants pay the same tuition and fees they would at CSUF. Credits earned can be approved as major, minor, GE or elective courses.
CSUF Department Programs Opens in new window : One week to full semester programs created and managed directly by CSUF colleges, departments and faculty. Participants pay CSUF tuition and fees as well as low program costs, and generally enroll in CSUF courses for added ease of credit toward their degree.
CSUF Co-curricular/Non-Credit Bearing Programs Opens in new window : Typically one week programs created and managed directly by CSUF departments. These programs offer global opportunities without graded coursework and allow students to help a community or establish a network with peers or professionals in their field of study.
Non-CSUF programs: Provider or direct enroll programs that provide flexibility to study just about anywhere and anytime. These programs generally cost more than a CSU or CSUF program and credits earned on these programs won’t automatically transfer back as they would on a CSU/CSUF program, but our office will be happy to help participants with that process.

Additional Search Features

You can also further customize your search using a variety of filters that may help you find a program you might have never considered, but that is an ideal fit for your academic goals or financial situation.

Some of these additional search options include: Area of study, class standing, internship or service-learning/volunteer opportunities and course Search.

Ready to start your search?

Then go ahead and get started. Good luck!

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