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Winter Session 2019

Explore over a dozen programs available over Winter 2019

Winter Session Programs

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted travel all across the globe, including our Winter on-site programs, but it doesn't have to disrupt your education or goals. For students looking to complete course or internship credit this winter, several virtual international programs are being offered.

Why do a virtual program? According to Forbes, "Even if you can’t show up in person, you can still show up—ready to learn, work and grow as a professional. With many predicting that the future of work after the pandemic will be remote, a virtual internship [or program] can be a bootcamp for the skills you’ll need—communicating effectively, operating as part of a team, meeting deadlines, asking for help, and more—for the rest of your career."

For a list of virtual international programs, visit the CSUF Study Abroad Program Portal.


Below is a list of previous Winter Session programs offered by CSUF departments and University partners. Please note that this list is for reference only and that Winter Session programs are subject to change year to year pending college and university approval.

GEOL/BIOL Collaborative Field Investigations in Death Valley and the Mojave Desert

BIOL 336 & GEOL 336

Faculty Lead: TBD

BIOL Winter Session in Baja California Sur, Mexico Opens in new window

BIOL 482: Capstone Studies in Biology

Faculty Lead: Darren Sandquist

BIOL Winter Session in Buenos Aires, Argentina Opens in new window


Faculty Lead: Maria Ramirez

ECON Winter Session in Spain, Italy & Greece Opens in new window

ECON 335: International Economics

Faculty Lead: Lorenzo Bizzi

HUM Winter Session in Madrid, Spain Opens in new window

HUM 350: Spanish Life & Culture

Faculty Lead: Juan Carlos Gallego

HUSR Traveling Seminar, Working with Immigrants and Refugees Opens in new window

HUSR 318

Faculty Lead: Yuying Tsong

Winter Session Service Learning in Havana, Cuba Opens in new window

Co-Curricular/No Credit service learning program

Program Lead: Shari Merrill

*These programs were open to all majors.

students in thailand Opens in new window
“I was so amazed by everything. To be exposed to this new culture was eye opening.”

Read the Orange County Register story about Abigail Segura’s two-week Winter Session 2017 trip to Thailand.

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The Study Abroad office can help you decide where to go and how to get there. Visit our Info Sessions page to view upcoming sessions and reserve a spot.

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