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Summer Session 2019

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The summer break is a great time to earn credit, get closer to graduation and experience the world. With many programs available, there are options for nearly every academic interest and budget.

Summer Session Programs

COVID-19 continues to disrupt travel all across the globe, but it doesn't have to disrupt your education or goals. For students looking to complete course or internship credit this summer, several virtual global programs are available. According to Forbes, "Even if you can’t show up in person, you can still show up—ready to learn, work and grow as a professional. With many predicting that the future of work after the pandemic will be remote, a virtual internship [or program] can be a bootcamp for the skills you’ll need—communicating effectively, operating as part of a team, meeting deadlines, asking for help, and more—for the rest of your career."

For a list of virtual international summer programs, visit the CSUF Study Abroad Program Portal.


Below is a list of previous Summer Session programs offered by CSUF departments and University partners. Please note that this list is for reference only and that Summer Session programs are subject to change year to year pending college and university approval.

ART Design Innovation Project in Aalborg, Denmark

ART 495

Faculty Lead: John Drew & Rene Bennyson

Cal State D.C. Scholars Program
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POSC 498 & POSC 402

Faculty Lead: Stephen Stambough

CAS International Internship Option in Italy
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CAS 394/L, CAS 474/L, CAS 494/L

Faculty Lead: Kate Bono

CTVA 360 & HCOM 320 in Barcelona, Spain
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CTVA 360 & HCOM 320

Faculty Lead: Garrett Hart & Patricia Palleschi


Honors Abroad in Amsterdam
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HONR 302T & HONR 303T

Faculty Lead: Stacy Mallicoat

HSS 350 & ANTH 306 in Costa Rica
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HSS 350 & ANTH 306

Faculty Lead: Karen Stocker

HSS 350 & CRJU 385 in South Africa
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HSS 350 & CRJU 385

Faculty Lead: Jarret Lovell

HSS 350 & HIST 320 in Germany
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HSS 350 & HIST 320

Faculty Lead: Cora Granata

HSS 350 & HIST 331 in Portugal
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HSS 350 & HIST 331

Faculty Lead: Kate Burlingham

KNES in Greece
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KNES 380, KNES 381, KNES 481

Faculty Leads: John Gleaves & Matthew P. Llewellyn

MGMT 340 in France
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MGMT 340

Faculty Lead: Atul Teckchandani

MGMT 449 in Seoul and Bali
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MGMT 449

Faculty Lead: Lorenzo Bizzi

MKTG 445 in Florence, Italy
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MKTG 445

Faculty Lead: Luis Salem

MSW 575 in Santiago, Chile
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MSW 575

Faculty Lead: Gordon Capp

Programa de Educación Internacional en Puerto RicoOpens in new window


Faculty Lead: Julián Jefferies

Ischia, Italy

PUBH 350 in Italy
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PUBH 350

Faculty Lead: Laura Chandler

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