Summer Session 

Explore in-person and virtual programs available over Summer Session

Summer Session 2024

Explore over a dozen programs available over Summer 2024

Make Summer Count

The summer break is a great time to earn credit, get closer to graduation and experience the world. With many programs available, there are options for nearly every academic interest and budget.

Summer Session Programs

One week to full semester programs created and managed directly by CSUF colleges, departments and faculty. Participants pay CSUF tuition and fees as well as low program costs, and generally enroll in CSUF courses for added ease of credit toward their degree.


Below is a list of current Summer Session programs offered by CSUF departments and faculty. Please note that this list is for reference only and that Summer Session programs are subject to change year to year pending college and university approval.

ACCT 201B in Florence, Italy


Faculty Lead: Randy Hoffman

ART Design Innovation Project in Aalborg, Denmark

ART 495

Faculty Lead: John Drew & Rene Bennyson

BUAD 301 in Florence, Italy

BUAD 301

Faculty Lead: Traci Shoblom

CAS International Internship Option in Granada, Spain

CAS 394, CAS 474, or CAS 494 (Spring 2024 Enrollment)

Faculty Lead: Diana Robles

COMM 336 & COMM 441 In Paris, France

COMM 336 & COMM 441

Faculty Lead: Gayle Jansen Brisbane & Greg Boeck

CTVA 360 & HCOM 320 in Barcelona, Spain

CTVA 360 & HCOM 320

Faculty Lead: Patricia Palleschi & Garrett Hart

FIN 375 in Florence, Italy

FIN 375

Faculty Lead: Joe Greco

HONR 302T & HONR 303T in Sydney, Australia

HONR 302T & HONR 303T

Faculty Lead: Stacy Mallicoat

AFAM/RLST 325 in Ghana, West Africa


Faculty Lead: Zakyi Ibrahim

SOCI 385 in Vancouver, Canada

SOCI 385

Faculty Lead: Devon Thacker Thomas

HSS 350 & ANTH 342 in Bali, Indonesia

HSS 350 & ANTH 342

Faculty Lead: Carrie M. Lane

HSS 350 & POSC 330 in Rome & Florence, Italy

HSS 350 & POSC 330

Faculty Lead: Rob Robinson

HSS 350 & SPAN 315 in Madrid, Spain

HSS 350 & SPAN 315

Faculty Lead: Judit R. Palencia Gutierrez

KNES in Greece

KNES 380, KNES 381, KNES 481

Faculty Leads: John Gleaves & Matthew P. Llewellyn

MGMT 340 in Aix-en-Provence, France

MGMT 340

Faculty Lead: Atul Teckchandani

MGMT 449 in Taiwan & Japan

MGMT 449

Faculty Lead: Lorenzo Bizzi

MKTG 445 in Florence, Italy

MKTG 445

Faculty Lead: Luis Salem

MSW 575 in San Juan, Puerto Rico

MSW 575

Faculty Lead: Erica Lizano

THTR 442A & THTR 442B in Edinburgh, Scotland

THTR 442A & THTR 442B (Fall 2023 & Spring 2024 Enrollment)

Faculty Lead: David Nevell

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